News: Where in the World is Josh Duggar?

News: Where in the World is Josh Duggar? September 1, 2015

newsWhile People Magazine and other tabloids are speculating mightily about the type of treatment Josh Duggar may be receiving at Reformers Unanimous in Illinois some rather curious news comes out of that area. No one in Rockford, Illinois has actually spotted Duggar among the other recovering addicts at RU. He hasn’t been seen coming or going from the mandatory twice a Sunday services at North Love Baptist Church. Which is odd considering it would be a mandatory part of his recovery process at RU. There has been absolutely no sightings of Josh anywhere in Rockford or RU.

What The Hollywood Channel points out in their article on the non-appearance of Josh is that on August 27th, the Duggar jet went to Paragould, Arkansas and stayed much of that day before flying back to Springdale. Which is most odd because there is no rehab center in Paragould, or reason for the Duggars to be in Paragould that is obvious.

So where in the world is Josh? What type of ‘rehab’ place is this? Did the family just simply place him again with a ‘family friend’ to do construction as he penance? This story just keeps getting stranger and more mysterious.  For a family that likes to shove their children into the lime light they’re being awful quiet on where Josh actually is at the moment. Questions, questions.

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