Quoting Quiverfull: Any Suppression of Your Fertility is Wrong?

Quoting Quiverfull: Any Suppression of Your Fertility is Wrong? September 22, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Tamara Rajakariar from MercatorNet and as quoted by Ladies Against Feminism – Do Women Need to Have Periods?

Editor’s note: This bit was said by a fertility ‘practitioner’ practicing in Australia.  Not a medical doctor. It is my understanding that with issues related to your period one of the first things that physicians tend to try to ease the problems are hormone-based birth control pills. Which is exactly the opposite of what this expert is saying you need to do. How exactly is using birth control to ease problems with your cycle causing women to be more masculine?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make periods less inconvenient / uncomfortable / painful / heavy, obviously, but I just want to point out that she is choosing to do it in a way that suppresses her fertility at the same time. And she makes out as though that were the only way to deal with those things – the pill or IUD or injection should be a last resort because it is not addressing the underlying cause of those symptoms.

As for eliminating your period altogether to reverse this ‘curse’ she has been put under for being a woman… It’s a shame that women these days feel the need to masculinise themselves instead of embracing the beauty of their fertility. Can’t we get past the idea of being ‘cursed’? Let’s leave that to the pre-scientific era where it belongs along with witchcraft.

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