Jim Bob Duggar Offers Anna a House to Stay With Cheating Husband Josh

Jim Bob Duggar Offers Anna a House to Stay With Cheating Husband Josh October 29, 2015

newsIt’s floating around in the online tabloids late last night and this morning that Jim Bob Duggar has offered Anna Duggar a $345,000 house on the condition she stays married to his son Josh. This would be the same home that was purchased for the midwife to live in and that Jill and Derick Dillard stayed in during their recent visit. Of course, this is all according to unnamed Duggar ‘insiders’ so there’s no real evidence this is true.

What is true is the fact that Anna and children are back in Arkansas living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and assorted Duggar children. Since she’s back home again and not living with her parents in Florida it seems to indicate Anna will not be divorcing Josh.

From one of the many online tabloids, The Inquistr:

A report in In Touch Weekly explains a little more about the house and the accusations that Jim Bob Duggar is using it to keep Anna around.

“Offering Anna the home is just a ploy to get her to abandon any idea of leaving Josh. She’ll be going from sleeping in a closet to living in a mansion. Also, it’s so close to the main Duggar compound that she can always call on the family for help whenever she needs it.”

The source then went on to explain that some of the other Duggar kids are not very happy about this at all. They had hopes that they would get this home one day and not Josh and Anna. At this time, Ben and Jessa Seewald are actually living in a very small home that Josh and Anna lived in when they first got married. It is not being revealed who wanted the house, but the source says some of the Duggar children had hopes it would be for them.

“Some of Josh’s siblings have voiced their hopes that they could live in the home. Nobody has directly challenged Jim Bob’s plan to have Anna move in, but you can feel some of the other kids want it for themselves.”

Betting this child that wants that big house is Jessa Duggar Seewald.  She seems to give off vibes that she must be alpha chick all the time. What do you think?

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