News: ABC’s ’20/20′ Tonight Will Feature Story On Justin Harris Rehomed Adoption

News: ABC’s ’20/20′ Tonight Will Feature Story On Justin Harris Rehomed Adoption October 23, 2015

newsRemember the stories on Arkansas Representative we’ve featured here involving his rehomed adoptive daughters being sexually molested by their new adoptive father? The Harris’, hard core Evangelical Christians that claimed that the children were possessed so they locked the girls into their rooms? We have covered the various and sundry sleazy doings of Justin Harris extensively here. 

Finally someone beyond the world of Evangelicalism and Arkansas has taken an interested into the entire crazy situation with Harris and his rehomed adopted daughters. Tonight at 10 pm est on ABC television news show “20/20” is doing a show about the Harris story. Here’s what “20/20” anchor Elizabeth Vargas had to say about the girls in an article on Raw Story:

“They’re so full of life,” said “20/20″ anchor Elizabeth Vargus during an interview with the Arkansas Times, which initially broke the story.

“They were putting on princess costumes and wanted to sing songs for me and show me their rooms and show me their drawings,” Vargas said. “They’re very outgoing — they’re girly girls, definitely.”

The anchor said she and her colleagues spent a full day with the girls and their foster family, and they never witnessed “any of this destructive, violent behavior that the Harrises allege.”

Here’s hoping that the news show will expose the dangers of rehoming adoptive children without anyone knowing. You know, just like Above Rubies Nancy Campbell with all her Liberian adoptees.

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