News: Bill Gothard Defenders

News: Bill Gothard Defenders October 30, 2015

Got up this morning to two sets of surprising news. First, there is now a site up that defends Bill Gothard. It’s name, ‘Discovering Grace’, is a play on words on the website ‘Recovering Grace’. Recovering Grace is the website where Bill Gothard was outed as a serial fondler and sexual creep by many of his teenage victims. Curious that this is going up a mere ten days after the lawsuit against Bill’s IBLP Board of Directors. Very Bill Cosby-like.  The ICANN registry is unrevealing, showing only that the site owner purchased it through Tucows in Toronto and that they paid for a Privacy registry service so that no one can know who actually owns the site.  But it is almost certain that Gothard owns the site after comparing it side by side with his own site Bill Linking via Do Not Link – Discovering Grace

From the site:

We have watched Bill and the ministry for over 40 years, some of us have lived at Headquarters for years, traveled the world with him, spent countless counseling hours with him, including many late night hours, watched him as he interacted with and counseled others, got to field questions from investigators who were sure he was abusing us.  None of us are being paid for what we are doing.  We came to Bill’s defense because we still appreciate all he has done for us, we know who he really is, and knew that most of what was being alleged had to be false.

It’s pretty horrifying in light of the many victims of Gothard that have come forward. Just like Bill’s unfortunate site that he put up mere months after stepping down from the ministry this one is filled with testimonials from women. This is the curious thing about the testimonials at Discovering Grace – they are the same woman sharing the same identical testimonies that Bill Gothard posted at Bill Gothard.Com.

Screencap from Discovering Grace:


Here’s identical content from Discovering


From here it’s looking like another disingenuous trick by Bill Gothard to claim yet again how he didn’t do it. Spiritual Sounding Board said that this new site and Bill’s attempts to pave over his possible transgressions has a lot in common with the Bill Cosby scandal. What do you think? I think Bill’s not fooling anyone. He owns the site and has mounted his own defense while pretending to be random people who love him.

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  • Oh, I’m sure this will convince the people that want to be convinced. Which is probably the point. Give those who want to believe he’s innocent and godly something to trust.

  • Julia Childress

    Thanks for the sleuthing and for posting the info. I love the defense logic: I once knew Bill Gothard and he never touched me inappropriately, so I say he’s A-Okay.” Does anyone really believe that just because the two Bills DIDN’T molest the other 100 million women in US, that somehow mitigates their actions toward the women they DID molest?

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Bill Gothard is laying the groundwork for his latest round of grift. The move to Texas gives him a ready-made base of people willing to believe his every word; the Discovering Grace website allows him to reach out to others who are willing to vilify his victims, and yes, to contribute to his bank account.

  • Bellanova

    Spiritual Sounding Board said that this new site and Bill’s attempts to pave over his possible transgressions has a lot in common with the Bill Cosby scandal.

    Of course! There is an unwritten Abuser’s Manual, the rules of which are always employed by abusers everywhere.

    The aftermath of exposure always involves, on the part of the exposed abuser:
    1. denials,
    2. dismissals, when direct denials no longer suffice,
    3. disavowals of responsibility,
    and last, but not least
    4. blaming the victims.


    It “helps,” greatly, in every step of that way, if the abuser can summon people ready to support him and testify about his “stellar” character and other fairy tales.

    When every trick from the book is finally exhausted, and there is no doubt in the majority of minds about the perp’s guilt, he removes himself from the public eye (to spend more time with his family, to pursue his vocation, to deepen his spiritual development, and any other sorry-a** lame excuses).

    I thought Bill “Grabby Hands” Gothard was already at the sorry-a** lame excuse stage, ready to exit the public sphere for good. I guess I underestimated him.

    The greater the perp’s narcissism, the longer this sordid process takes. But I don’t doubt it will come to its rightful conclusion.

  • Royce Harlow

    Isn’t that just the pinnacle of pathetic to start an “anonymous” website to pat yourself on the back?

  • Joanna_Jordan

    Can’t believe this garbage. . . sorry for language but heck, we all know what this guys believes and there are 100s who will say what he did. Guess there is a market in denial. Sick, sick and sickening.

  • Suzy’s Mamma

    I think this guy needs to be evaluated by a professional therapist. He seems to be genuinely out of touch with reality.

  • Poster Girl

    Interestingly enough, I not only knew but once worked for one of the highest-ranking Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Boston who was implicated in the sex abuse scandal a few years ago. He never once touched me, though he was, generally speaking, a complete d-bag. That much mean he never actually molested anyone, right? Because obviously those who engage in inappropriate behavior with anyone do it with everyone.