Not Quoting Quiverfull: Hanging Onto Your Faith After Leaving

Not Quoting Quiverfull: Hanging Onto Your Faith After Leaving October 26, 2015

Notquotingby Jennifer C. Martin from the Patheos blog Unfundamentalist Christian and – How Sexism in the Church Almost Ruined My Life

Churches that devalue women are contributing to the breakdown of religious faith in this country at large. If you tell a young girl that her voice doesn’t count in the house of God, why would she want to go there? If you tell a woman she can’t lead a congregation when her gift is public speaking, how could she believe that she has a purpose with that deity? And if a religious leader tells a man that he’s supposed to control his wife by being the “head of the household,” how can you be surprised when that same wife begins to resent her secondary place?

When you are spurned so thoroughly by an institution in which you have placed so much of yourself, it can break you to the extent that you lose your beliefs. I feel lucky to limit my loss of faith to complementarianism itself. I remember that the greatest commandment Christ ever gave was to love: God, your enemies, your neighbors, the poor, the dirty, and yes, the assertive woman posting things on Twitter that make you shake your head in disagreement. Without that love, your “church” is bitter, and will break.

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