Not Quoting Quiverfull: Silencing Women Is Wrong

Not Quoting Quiverfull: Silencing Women Is Wrong October 8, 2015

Notquotingby Tim Fall’s blog Tim’s Blog: Just One Train Wreck After Another – Silencing Women – the guaranteed way for men to stay in control

Editor’s note: Mr. Fall is addressing Tim Bayly’s recent childish temper tantrum over Patheo’s own bloggers Rachel Miller and Valerie Hobbs of Jesus Creed for saying that the subordination of women in the church is wrong and calling out the misogyny of Doug Wilson and John Piper. Remember when Piper said woman should not be police officers or anything traditionally masculine in the work place? Mr. Fall’s entire piece is excellent but we’re quoting here the meat of the argument. Enjoy.

The passage doesn’t say that only men disciples were calling out. Nor does the passage say that the Pharisees wanted only the women to pipe down. But if Mr. Bayly prevails in his teaching of Scripture, this is what it means for other passages in the Bible:

    • Mary’s Magnificat is a song by a woman so skip over those verses. (Luke 1:46-55.)
    • Samaritan men shouldn’t have listened to the woman at the well tell them of Jesus because she’s a woman. (John 4:28-30, 39.)
    • Anna should’ve kept quiet when she saw baby Jesus in the temple because women aren’t supposed to speak in church. (Luke 2:36-38.)
    • Tamar never should have told Judah to provide her a child. Who is she to tell her father-in-law how to run the family? (Genesis 38.)
    • Abigail never should have helped David. She should have supported her husband Nabal even if he was wrong, and sent David and his army away empty-handed. (1 Samuel 25.)
    • Pilate was right not to heed his wife’s warnings about harming Jesus. After all, she’s not the husband in that family. (Matthew 27:15-26.)
    • If King Josiah knew his officials were going to ask Huldah – a woman – for advice, he’d have never let them do it. (2 Kings 22:11-20.)
    • The church would be much better off if the apostles had refused to listen to Mary talk about the empty tomb. (John 20:1-10.)
    • No wonder Philip’s daughters weren’t married. He let them prophesy? What kind of Godly father does that? (Acts 21:8-9.)
    • When Peter told the crowd in Acts 2 that women would prophesy, he must have meant only to other women. (Acts 2:14-21.)
    • Mary told the wedding servants to listen to Jesus. How could she exercise authority over them? (John 2:1-11.)

And in that passage above where Jesus enters Jerusalem:

    • When Jesus said even the rocks would shout out praise to him, he meant only the boy rocks, right? (Luke 19:39-40.) At least in public?

The Pharisees knew that one way to control the people was to keep them silent so no one would challenge their teaching. Jesus was having none of it.

Some church leaders today still think they can control the people in the pews by silencing them, and what better way to shut up half the church than by telling women the Bible forbids them speaking God’s truth to men who are in error? Once you’ve silenced all the women it’s easier to pick off the men who disagree with the leader as well because at least half the people who would possibly speak up are silenced. Just as Jesus with the Pharisees, the church should have none of this.

Women should speak up.

Men should speak up.

And if both remain silent, let the rocks cry out.

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