Quoting Quiverfull: Lying is A-Okay Biblical?

Quoting Quiverfull: Lying is A-Okay Biblical? October 23, 2015

quotingquiverfullby InsanityBytes22 (one of Biblical Gender Roles many honeybadgers: ie one of the female commenters that pops up in his comments approving of every female-hating idea he posts) at her blog Insanity Bytes 2 -It’s Okay to Fake it (Do Not Link linked)

Editor’s note: I will agree with her that good manners should happen, but if you’ve contemplated smothering your husband in the middle of the night perhaps being mannerly is not what needs to happen. Perhaps you should consider why you’re feeling homicidal towards your spouse and work through that, or leave for his safety. Covering your feel with mouthing polite words merely wallpapers over dangerous volcanic feelings. Get help.

In plain-speak, that means waking up and thinking, “I should have smothered you with a pillow in your sleep,” but instead you say “good morning, it’s nice waking up next to you.” Words have power. Speak those words over the situation and the feelings will usually follow.

In today’s world, especially with women, being authentic is all the rage. We tend to believe we have to follow our feelings at all times. To be polite when you’re seething, can feel deceptive. The thing is, emotions and feelings can be deceptive and fleeting all  by themselves! It really is okay to say “please” and “thank you” and all those superficial  things, even in the midst of an emotional storm, in fact it’s vitally necessary for your own  mental health. In marriage it becomes even more important, as a way of keeping the lid on things,  of maintaining the peace. No matter what the conflict is, pouring more emotion onto  it seldom fixes anything.

So, marital sex, “faking it,” and consent. I recently bumped into a bit of head butting with some Fems over this. In the context of a loving marriage, it is okay to say yes to sex even if you aren’t all that enthusiastic about it. Even when the dishes need to be done and you have a good book you’d rather read. It’s okay! Chances are good you’ll soon forget all about the dishes anyway.

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