Did Josh Duggar Ditch Rehab Yesterday?

Did Josh Duggar Ditch Rehab Yesterday? November 12, 2015

newsAccording to a handful of tabloid sites Josh Duggar has likely left rehab before completing the program. Yesterday the Duggar’s plane left Rockford, Illinois. Was Josh on board? According to The Inquistr:

However, some reports indicated that Josh may have skipped out on the rehab program early. The 19 Kids and Counting plane initially traveled to Rockford, Illinois, where Reformers Unanimous is located, reported Perez Hilton.

But since then, Josh has not been seen at the required church services and meetings.

“Please understand that if you do not work as unto the Lord, you will not remain in the home,” stipulates the program.

On a group trip to North Love Baptist Church, observers revealed that Josh was not present. Adding to the mystery of where’s Josh, the Duggar plane stopped off in Arkansas, home state of the Duggars. Is the 27-year-old secretly hiding somewhere in the home of a family friend after bailing early on the program that requires manual labor and has strict rules?

The program at Reformers Unanimous runs on 45 day increments so it could be that the Duggars feel Josh has repented enough to come home now. According to the official Duggar mouthpiece, People magazine Josh is having a rough time of it at RA. Yeah, well, treatment usually isn’t much fun. There were a few photos of Josh on the RA website recently showing him with the other guys at RA. He was there. Is he now?

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