Updated For Baby Name! Duggary for Dollars: Jessa Duggar Seewald Edition

Updated For Baby Name! Duggary for Dollars: Jessa Duggar Seewald Edition November 11, 2015

newsETA at 11 pm est: The official name of Baby Boy Seewald is Spurgeon Elliott Seewald according to TLC and the family website. Named for theologian Charles Spurgeon and missionary couple Jim and Elizabeth Elliott. Unconventional choices.


Turns out that many on the internet have been outraged by the secrecy shown by Jessa and her family over the birth of her son. Today, Veteran’s Day – which is supposed to be about honoring those that have served in the U.S. military, People Magazine inflamed, insulted and irritated many by putting Jessa, Ben and Baby Boy Seewald on the cover of their magazine. Being this issue was coming out on Veteran’s Day it would have been a nice gesture if they’d featured a military veteran instead of an offshoot of a family known for pimping out their children for cash and television ratings.

So People Magazine got their paid exclusive apparently and reported that Jessa said she didn’t expect labor and childbirth to be that painful, that she nearly threw her home birthing plan out of the window to go to the hospital and get an epidural. She was in labor around 48 hours and did end up overnight in the hospital for a transfusion.  The news makes me feel sorry for Jessa because it’s likely no matter how hard she begged and cried for the hospital and an epidural she would have been denied that by the female cultural enforcers surrounding her, insisting she could do this without the hospital or pain relief.

Have to wonder if this experience might make Jessa a ‘One and Done’ I’m sure no one really prepared her for what birth is really like. All she’s known is Michelle waxing poetically about the wonders of birth. Bet she feels cheated or disillusioned now.

Still no baby name, leading people to speculate that she’s either saving that for another payout like the one People magazine gave to her, or that Jessa will be revealing the name in the TLC ‘Counting On’ specials. Either way her motive is clearly financial and it’s starting to finally sink into the heads of those that formerly supported the Duggars and “19 Kids & Counting” that this family is only interested in milking the most money possible from every family occurrence.  About time the fans woke up and smelled the coffee because this has been Duggar-behavior for many years now. Use the kids to get paid.

There’s a Facebook group doing something about those upcoming TLC shows featuring Jessa and her sister Jill. They are Contacting Sponsors #No More Duggars. If I read their page correctly over 600 companies have said they will not be advertising on any of the TLC specials featuring any member of the Duggar family.

In other Duggar news the family plane went up to the Republican Debate in Green Bay, Wisconsin yesterday and today is taking off from the Rockford, Illinois airport. They are in the air right now. Looks like they may have squeezed in a visit to disgraced son Josh Duggar. Photos of Josh have finally started to appear on the Reformers Unanimous website, so that mystery is finally solved. Josh is at Reformers Unanimous in Rockford. Appears to be the only time the family has visited while Josh has been there studying his Bible and provided free manual labor in lieu of real treatment. No explanation as to how that plane got from Green Bay to Rockford without it showing up on Flight Aware.

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