Fear, Loathing and Jealousy Behind the Scenes in the Duggar Family Household?

Fear, Loathing and Jealousy Behind the Scenes in the Duggar Family Household? November 1, 2015

newsA pile of supposed Duggar ‘insiders’ has been whispering to a reporter for the tabloid Life & Style magazine. It’s not all pickles, hair spray and side hugs according to them. The title on the front cover reads ‘Jessa Duggar Delivery Room Drama’ Inside there’s nothing about any delivery room drama, merely a rehashing of the fact that Jessa Duggar Seewald’s due date is today, November 1st, and what happened with Jill’s delivery of little Israel Dillard’s delivery. Deceptive click-baiting title like something straight off the internet.

According to the quoted ‘insiders’ in the magazine Jessa is upset that her sister Jill Duggar Dillard flew back to Central America instead of staying by her side for the birth of her first child. She’s supposedly upset that over a 100 advertisers have stated they will not advertise during the upcoming Duggar television specials featuring Jessa and Jill. But the big thing she’s supposedly upset about is over the house her father Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly offering to her sister in law Anna Duggar. The large house has a gourmet kitchen and four bedrooms and the Seewalds thought that they would be the ones moving out of their tiny starter home and into the bricked McMansion.

They also allege that father Jim Bob Duggar is scheming to be featured on the new television specials.

Other things the insiders are saying are that Jessa Duggar Seewald is upset that her brother Josh has somehow ‘ruined’ the most special time of her life and she’s deliberately shunned him and his wife Anna. Other sites are claiming that Jessa and Ben Seewald’s marriage is on the rocks, that Jessa has threatened to take her baby and leave the family compound.

At this point there’s really no telling what will happen and how much of this is actually true, but somehow I would not be surprised if things are screwed up behind the scenes. One thing I do know, very likely within the next week we’ll be seeing huge amounts of media coverage once Jessa gives birth.

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