Listen to Biblical Gender Roles Get Demolished by Alan Colmes

Listen to Biblical Gender Roles Get Demolished by Alan Colmes November 6, 2015
Emergency Kittens for everyone after this pile of Biblical Gender Roles. Image from Facebook
Emergency Kittens for everyone after this pile of Biblical Gender Roles. Image from Facebook

A few days ago that man we hate to quote but cannot stop quoting who goes by the pen name of ‘Larry Solomon’ had his theology crushed by Fox News Radio host Alan Colmes. Biblical Gender Roles squirmed and kept claiming because Bible unsuccessfully as Colmes rationally blew him up.

You can hear it at Fox News Radio online.

So how does ‘Larry’ think he did? He was upset over being accused of being anti-semetic and for a caller saying he said anal sex was Biblical. But here’s what he said about the rest:

“I think overall the interview went well considering I was in hostile territory.”

Was he listening to the same questions and answers we were? He sounds very young, very high pitched and came across as very rattled at points. Listen for yourself.

And I leave you with this crazy pile of Biblical Gender Roles anticipating and bloviating over the interview. All links through Do Not Link

BiblicalGenderRoles.Com to be Featured on the Alan Colmes Radio Show

Women Are NOT Required to Have Anal Sex With Their Husbands

My Reaction to my Interview With Alan Colmes

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  • Jennifer L.

    I could only bring myself to read the last link about his reaction. His write up shows what an uneducated nit he is. And his “wife’s” quote (if there is indeed a wife at all) sounds pretty contrived to me. That he holds the KJV to be the authoritative translation demonstrates his moronic lack of knowledge.

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Oh, El Gran Pendejo…you never, ever cease to appall me.

  • Allison the Great

    Thank you for the kitten. I need that.

  • Marquis

    Yeah his voice was high pitched and whiney. I totally agree with the guy who called about another topic but first wanted to say how “creepy” Larry Solomon’s ideas were. Colmes was clearly far more intelligent than this poor dude. I think Mr. Solomon made a fool of himself. His desire to have a childlike partner that obeys him, and whom he can discipline or have sex with on his every whim is creepy.

  • mayarend

    When Fox News is not conservative enough and “hostile territory”…….

  • Nea

    So I guess the earlier reports BGR was a Poe were incorrect?

  • Bellanova

    It was last night, not a few days ago, FYI.

    And yes, he comes across like the massive rapist d-bag that he is.

  • Bellanova

    Those were not reports as much as baseless speculation fueled by wishful thinking. Dude is as real as thousands of others who think the same way.

  • Bellanova

    I can’t get over his female supporters and fans. They insist that what Larry is promoting is not ‘real’ rape. Because there is no such thing as marital rape.

    Astonishing. It must be some version of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I am thinking if he went on the air like that and fumbled and bumbled it’s likely he’s real.

  • Astrin Ymris

    That, or a large proportion of the self-identified female supporters are actually guys promulgating what they believe women really want– or should want.

  • Bellanova

    One of them may be — one never knows — but the others are definitely women, some with their own blogs.

    They are the manosphere’s hangers-on, or “honey badgers” — women who for some reason accept the MRA/PUA/red pillers and Christian (and not only) patriarchs’ misogynist views of themselves and women in general as the truth worth internalizing and propagating.

    Initially I thought they are motivated by self-hatred, but I’m not sure these days. Yes, there are elements of self-hate there, but it goes beyond it. It is both frightening and fascinating — though the latter only as a subject of inquiry and not something to try on. So mostly frightening.

  • Aimee Shulman

    Or a really awful end result of sunken cost fallacy—they’ve spent so much of their lives living this horrible lifestyle that they don’t want to even consider there might be a better way to live, lest they be forced to face up to how much of their lives they’ve thrown away.

  • Nea

    I’m positive that’s the mindset Debi Pearl has.

  • Nea

    They’re competing for the men, and doing it by pissing on the competition. The more insults, the more the men in that group will like them.

  • Bellanova

    Tru dat.

  • Bellanova


    Just the realization that they may have been raped, maybe repeatedly, by their own husbands, can be too horrific to admit. What would they do with that knowledge? Their existence depends on not seeing the truth as is.

  • Deyndra

    He’d be just as happy with a RealDoll and a paid cleaning service, I think.

  • Bellanova

    If only.

    Unfortunately, it is important for the Bible-obsessed (and not only) narcissistic sociopaths like Larry to have a wife (or several) to fully experience the ego-boost they desire from playing patriarchs and property owners (property being wife and kids).

    They cannot really satisfactorily dominate and control a RealDoll, and she won’t repay them by proper submission and groveling, fear-based ‘adoration’ they desire.

    The ‘fun’… er, manly responsibility here is in turning real, living women into servants / slaves, and doing so under the cloak of pious scriptural ramblings. All for the glory of god, obviously.

  • Em

    Don’t make him mad, or he’ll start mansplaining in a high voice.

  • BridgetD

    First thing that came into my head…wow. O.o

  • Bellanova
  • Edie Moore McGee

    He has such a wimpy little voice!

  • Edie Moore McGee

    Perhaps some self-hatred, but the women I know that are sort of like this are full of fear as well. The thought of living life as a 100% responsible ADULT scares the bejesus out of them.

  • Bellanova

    Yes. I too believe that fear — of freedom and responsibility, and of life itself with its troubles and unpredictability — is probably the main reason why these women are eager to buy into the submission mindset. It is often not a conscious decision, though, but rather an automatic one, conditioned by these women’s inborn characters as much as their experiences.

    I recall a male Christian fundamentalist and red pill adherent stating authoritatively (of course) on a red pill blog that confidence in women is the greatest evil (paraphrased from memory) because it leads to all kinds of awful outcomes destroying the human race. And the women-regulars present there agreed.

    We don’t need the Taliban with women (and men, obviously) like those.

  • Bellanova

    Doesn’t he just? No wonder he’s unable to inspire his wife, sexually and otherwise.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    There is a growing fear in certain segments of the female population that it’s only a matter of time until the CPM and their not-so-religious compadres wrest control over things back, and believe that should this happen there is only one way to save themselves from being harshly punished by the CPM/MGTOW/MRA overseers. They think that if they just toe the line they’ll be safe…Personally I’d rather fight against the tyranny till the very end rather than kowtow to a bunch of people who think that their penis is all they require to be leaders and in charge of everything. Last I checked, it’s not the small head that has a brain no matter how much thinking they might do with it.

  • Marquis

    My guess is he has married two extremely insecure women with unresolved childhood issues. He is playing daddy and his first wife rebelled by having affairs and his second wife is turned off by the idea of sleeping with her parent. His own life is proof positive he is wrong in his notions that women are supposed to be in a child/parent relationship with their husband.

  • Bellanova

    No doubt.

    Someone said that his second wife was badly abused in her first marriage and settling for a less violent narcissistic sociopath represents “progress” for her.

    Also, somewhere on his blog, Larry, oblivious as always to the horror of his own words, says that God blessed them with his (second) wife’s accident, which disabled her and made her completely dependent on him.

    Guys like Larry represent The Ariel Castro School of Relationships:

    And they are more common than we realize. Of course as long as total dependency, terror-based manipulation, and Bible-supported threats suffice, there is no need for literal chains.