Quoting Quiverfull: No Birth Control Leads To Growing Instead Of Crisis Management?

Quoting Quiverfull: No Birth Control Leads To Growing Instead Of Crisis Management? November 8, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Zsuzsanna Anderson from her blog Are They All Yours?

Editor’s note: The great comedy of this bit by Zsu is that in a previous entry she was complaining that church nursery was dangerous to children because of the adult to child ratio. Yet here she is saying that passing on the tradition of no birth control teaches you to grow from being stretched to your limits. So which is it? There must be so many children to adult for safety or not? She also was claiming that a nursery at a former church she attended was responsible for the deaths of  babies in the nursery. Surely if an alarming number of babies were dying at a certain church’s nursery wouldn’t we hear about that in the news? Would there not be an investigation?

Also, what is a ‘statist’? The only definitions I could find were at one Ayn Rand site or a Teaparty site. Here’s the Teaparty one: “the practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy.” Does she mean that the government has been forcing the idea of birth control on people? Seems rather paranoid to believe that.

Life in an ever-growing family is very different from a “statist” family, regardless of the total number of children. Growing and stretching to uncomfortable new levels physically, mentally, and spiritually is a MUST if the non-birth control family is supposed to stay sane and maybe even succeed. There is no such thing as permanently “finding a groove” and growing comfortable, because just when we do, a monkey wrench in the form of an adorable but very needy baby is thrown into the mix, and suddenly we’re back to square one. I always think it’s funny how I think “Wow, this is so much work, I can hardly handle this!” only to one baby later think “Wow, my life was SO easy back then!” It’s all perspective, and allowing God to control family size will really expand your perspective beyond what you ever thought possible or maybe even wanted to experience. If I were to stop and think about how many more children I might be having in my life time – children that haven’t even been born yet, and that need to be helped from infancy to adulthood, it can really be an overwhelming thought. As much growing as I still have to do in so many areas of being a mother, I can at least see how I have grown in certain areas already that I would not have grown in had it not been for the ever-growing number of precious children. Children are a blessing, and God uses having them to teach us as much as we teach them. Even just growing up in relatively “large” family with 5 kids helped me so much to have a jump-start on raising my own children. I hope that our sons are learning what it means to provide for a large family, and that our daughters are learning how to sustain it from the inside. If they know everything we parents know at the point when they are getting married, they will have a 20+ year lead on what we knew when we were in their situation as newlyweds. THAT is the kind of heritage that we all should be fortunate to have.

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