News: Ron Luce Shuts Down Teen Mania and Acquire The Fire

News: Ron Luce Shuts Down Teen Mania and Acquire The Fire December 18, 2015

CulpeperBaptistAfter years of allegations of cruelty and abuse towards the unpaid interns that do all the hard work at Teen Mania comes news that the entire ministry is being closed down. No more Esoul events at the Honor Academy that saw kids being forced to do so many gross and unsafe things. No more over-priced missionary tourism trips around the globe. No more unsafe living and working conditions for the mission kids or the Honor Academy kids. No more giant Christian rock concerts thrown by a guy that derided rock concerts.

Ron Luce talks to Christianity Today  about why the ministry is closing. If you read the article all the way down to the bottom you can see he does not miss the opportunity to take a nasty pot-shot at those who were abused by the ministry leaders, calling them a ‘few dozen complainers’. Sites like My Teen Mania Experience and others dealing with the abuse at Teen Mania put those numbers of the abused as significantly higher.

From Christianity Today

There are three stages of every great work of God,” Hudson Taylor, the well-known British missionary to China, once said. “First it’s impossible, then it’s difficult, then it’s done.”

Teen Mania founder Ron Luce quoted Taylor when explaining to CT why the nearly 30-year-old ministry announced today that it would cease operations.

“Honestly, the hardest part about our closure is for people to misinterpret what the closing of a chapter means,” Luce said in an hour-long, exclusive interview. “Scripture talks about old and new wineskins. Sometimes old wineskins don’t need to be used anymore.”

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, he said. “There are plenty of Christian organizations that become institutions, that are dead and dry, and they’re old wineskins.

All of this makes me wonder if there is also a significant threat of a lawsuit lurking around somewhere that Luce is frightened of. So many times, like when Vision Forum closed, there’s a ticking time bomb just out of sight that would destroy the ministry and take a huge financial bite out of the ministry’s coffers. I hope so, particularly after what my own daughter experienced at the hands of Teen Mania. Maybe parents finally caught onto the fact that Ron Luce and pals aren’t the safest people to leave your children with.

The way Teen Mania treated their unpaid volunteer staff and the kids going on the mission trips reminds me a great deal of the things Mel has written about in regards to Josh Duggar’s rumored rehab Reformers Unanimous. The application asks many of the same things that RU does that they really genuinely do not need to know. Plus Teen Mania also exploits their clients that have paid to be there as unpaid laborers.  If you haven’t read Mel’s excellent series examining Reformers Unanimous you can start here – Reformers Unanimous: Labor Exploitation For Jesus. The rest of the series is linked below.

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