Open Thread – Reclaiming Life Post Quiverfull?

Open Thread – Reclaiming Life Post Quiverfull? December 12, 2015

Preparing to bake fruitcake from my great grandmother’s recipe.

Are there things you used to do before you joined the Quiverfull or Evangelical Movement that you’ve reclaimed after leaving? Or perhaps something you loved to do while you were a Fundamentalist that after leaving the very idea of makes you gag until you heal enough to realize you’re still going to do that thing you love?

For me it was baking bread, really baking anything. I rarely, if ever, baked bread, cakes or rolls before I joined a Fundamentalist church, but as I fell in line with the other ladies I started to bake and cook everything from scratch. Before religion cookies were the only thing I regularly baked. For a very long time after leaving I could not bear to bake or even think about cooking anything more complex than heating up a can of soup or a frozen pizza. Everything about the kitchen, something I used to love so dearly, became completely abhorrent to me. In the last year I’ve finally come full circle and started cooking and baking again, thinking screw them and their insistence that home cooking and baking was so ‘righteous’.  It’s not ‘righteous, it’s simply part of day to day life and it happens to be something I enjoy doing. Why was I letting them dictate my likes or dislikes or activities?

What about you? What have you had to reclaim from the wreckage of religion?

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