Quoting Quiverfull: Have Babies or Deprive the World?

Quoting Quiverfull: Have Babies or Deprive the World? December 21, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Every Great Thing That Happens In The World Happens Through The Womb!

Editor’s note: Now Nancy is equating keeping from having a baby of a possible Einstein or Mother Theresa. What she doesn’t say is that it works both ways, you might also be keeping a Jeffrey Dahmer or Pol Pot from this world too. Have lots of babies because God is her primary message these days. She doesn’t seem to realize that her advise is about as true as those labels on ladies clothing that say ‘One Size Fits All’

In a lesser and yet still powerful way, God does GREAT THINGS through every baby that is conceived in a mother’s womb. Every new baby is born in the image of God. Each one is a fresh revelation of God to the world. Each one has the possibility of accomplishing marvelous things.

Let’s think for a moment of all the amazing things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in this world–the remarkable inventions, the amazing feats both intellectually and physically, the astounding advancements, and the brilliant discoveries. None of this happens on its own. Every single thing happens through a person. And that person comes through the womb. Without the womb NOTHING happens in this world. It all comes to a halt.

All the GREAT THINGS that take place in the world happen because of a mother’s womb. The womb is a place of destiny.

Can we grasp the fullness of this truth? God privileges women with the gift of a womb, a sanctuary from where God brings forth GREAT THINGS to fulfill His purposes and glorify His name. And not only for this world, but for eternity, for every child who is conceived is an eternal soul that lives forever.

Dear precious mother, don’t hold back your womb from God. Your finite mind cannot even fathom what great things God has ordained to happen in this world through creating a God-destined life in your womb (1 Corinthians 2:9). We are privileged and blessed beyond measure.

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