Quoting Quiverfull: Miscarriage is Caused by ‘Emotions’?

Quoting Quiverfull: Miscarriage is Caused by ‘Emotions’? December 18, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Andrew Wommack at Raw Story – TV Faith Healer: Women Have Miscarriages Because They Don’t Obey God’s Law About Being Too Emotional

Editor’s note: With this piece I think I’ve seen every imaginable blame assigned to women by Christian Patriarchs now. This is vile and extremely hurtful to the many women who have suffered the pain of miscarriage, particularly those who’ve lost babies they wanted with all their hearts. Miscarriages happen for all sorts of reasons, sometimes no one knows the why, but emotions don’t cause them. What he says at the beginning in the clip on Raw Story about depression and mental illness is even worse.

“They are dealing with things from only a physical, natural, humanistic standpoint,” he explained. “This is one of the reasons that people’s emotions are so messed up today is because instead of approaching it from God’s standpoint, where it says control your emotions, don’t let your heart be troubled, rejoice in the Lord always.”

According to Wommack, emotions were like a horse because “once you ever let a horse just go and get a full head of steam, the best thing for you to do is jump off.”

“Most people will get down and wallow in the unbelief and in the fear and all of this and they let things be conceived on the inside of them that they never intend to act out.”

The faith healer added: “Well, you’re either going to have to have a miscarriage or an abortion along the way. And neither one of those things are desirable. This is not the way God wants us to live.”

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  • Allyson Smith

    This is unbelievably cruel, even for the CP.

    As an aside, do these fuckers ever consider that a woman could ever have an actual physical health problem? I’ve hardly ever seen a Christian patriarch acknowledge the legitimacy of a woman’s physical ailment. It’s always caused by her being “too emotional.” And of course, they rarely ever acknowledge the legitimacy of mental illness either. They blame that on women being “too emotional” as well.

  • Nightshade

    …and we women are all emotional, right? So how do any of us ever manage to carry a pregnancy to term?

  • Anonyme

    “Well, you’re either going to have to have a miscarriage or an abortion
    along the way. And neither one of those things are desirable. This is
    not the way God wants us to live.”

    So this supposed human being is equating abortion and miscarriage? One is a choice (though he degrades THAT, too, of course) and the other…is not. How can anyone NOT SEE that a miscarriage is involuntary? Or, more likely, Mr. Wommack is such a misogynist that he would even scoff at the science of what causes/might cause miscarriages.

    My mother did the whole “submissive wife” thing for many years, hiding emotions and frequently choosing not to confront or press her opinions. Yet she had two miscarriages. I guess all her fault.

    Also, the whole thing about depression and mental illness being a sin and a weakness that one chooses…NO. No, no, no. As a victim of depression myself, it angers me from here to the moon. Nobody wants to be depressed, chronically upset/angry, ostracized. etc.


  • Actually, I believe spontaneous abortion is the medical term for an early miscarriage, and what we commonly call an abortion is an elective abortion. http://www.merckmanuals.com/professional/gynecology-and-obstetrics/abnormalities-of-pregnancy/spontaneous-abortion

  • Nightshade

    Exactly, but do we really expect guys like Mr. Wommack to know the difference? That would require actually investigating and checking facts, which would imply that they don’t already know everything worth knowing.

  • Saraquill

    He speaks as though he really wants to be kicked in the groin.

  • B.A.

    I’m so glad my mom has never heard of this POS douche bag. She had a miscarriage when I was 6,and I still remember how devastated she was (she was around 5 or 6 mos. pregnant,so maybe it was an inter-uterine fetal demise). She was very depressed and stayed in bed for a few days. She has since shared with me how she felt and what a difficult time she went through. Thank goodness she did get through it and has,in her words,a wonderful life. She also can’t stand CPM-type attitudes!!!

  • B.A.

    Or on a demon inside the mentally ill person. I knew someone who was bi-polar and her pastor said something to this effect. Thankfully,she didn’t listen to him and left that church!

  • BridgetD

    How sad :(.

    My sister-in-law had problems with fertility, and had several miscarriages before my nephew was born. It was a devastating journey, but in the end worth it. She loves her son so much. The idea of blaming her for the miscarriages is appalling to me.

  • SAO

    The first time I was pregnant, I had positive emotions — not gushing, not overwhelming, just good. I was in a happy place. Then I miscarried. My next pregnancy was not so happy. I was worried, I was afraid to be happy for fear I’d lose it, but I didn’t.

    The nonscientific world is full of people talking out of their ass. Some of them sound very authoritative and have a lot of meaningless letters after their names. What they say can be toxic.

  • Abigail Smith

    This is just sickening!
    The one miscarriage I had was when I never felt better or ate healthier. I was devastated.

  • Gordon Johnston

    A section of American Christianity has lost its mind if it ever had one. My wife and daughter have both had miscarriages and they were not caused by emotions.

  • Emilie Bishop

    Same here. I was nothing but happy when I was pregnant the first time, but I miscarried. It blindsided me and was the beginning of a long, difficult infertility process. With my son, I was so worn out from this long process and terrified I would lose him…yet he’ll be 11 months tomorrow and is the picture of health. So yeah, this is utter crap. Not like that’s not obvious to anyone with a brain cell or two, but apparently it needs to be said. This. Is. Crap.

  • Lynn

    And put up with the grown-up toddlers that these men are. I’m so lucky my husband is an actual adult.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Yet another impossible demand that women feel “joyful” at all times, no matter what.

    The fact that CPM women have to be ordered to feel positive emotions should tell any thinking person that the lifestyle they’re hawking as the path to a blissfully-happy family life does NOT live up to its advertising.

  • Anonyme

    Mr. Wommack probably tars it all with the same brush.
    There have been a few horrible people who think that miscarriages should be reported and investigated, to see if it was “natural” or if the mother was an evil baby murderer (to paraphrase)

  • Bellanova

    Nothing inspires joy like fear — of god and your fellow man and everything else in life, including the possibility of a ‘deserved’ miscarriage. /s

  • Bellanova

    Emotionally stunted individuals, who also unsurprisingly* possess very limited intelligence, should abstain from giving advice to others.

    Unfortunately, these are the people who way too often not only fashion themselves as experts on human matters, but strive for and are given power over others.

    *Those two qualities tend to occur together.

  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    ……….and, really, why would any of them marry one of us hopeless emotional cripples?