Answering Quiverfull: Childbearing Kinder to a Woman’s Body Than Menstruation?

Answering Quiverfull: Childbearing Kinder to a Woman’s Body Than Menstruation? January 26, 2016

AnsweringQuiverfullNancy Campbell of Above Rubies as quoted and answered by Bruce Gerencser of The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser on Facebook

Nancy Campbell is a preacher of the old time gospel of perpetual pregnancy. Recently, Campbell wrote:

“Did you know that most modern women menstruate about 400 times during their childbearing years? Did you know that this is ABNORMAL? God intended the ovaries to have resting times through pregnancy and lactation. Did you know this is one of the reasons why there is such an epidemic of ovarian and endometrial cancer?

Did you know that a hundred years ago women only ovulated about 100 times in their entire lifetime? Did you know that this is NORMAL for the female body? Did you know that every time a woman gets pregnant and bears a child, her lifetime risk of ovarian cancer drops 10 percent?

Did you know that women in their childbearing years are meant to be predominantly “suckling mothers” rather than “menstruating mothers”? This is far kinder to their female body and how God intended it to function.”

Hey Nancy…

Did you know the life expectancy for women in 1900 was 48.3? Today? Almost 80.

Did you know maternal and infant death rates have dramatically fallen thanks to improved health care, abortion, and birth control?

Did you know women and children are, in every way, better off today than they were in your “golden age”of a hundred years ago?

Isn’t the real issue Nancy that you don’t like woman having the freedom of sexual expression without the fear of pregnancy? Why, Nancy, I’m starting to wonder if you are jealous of all these women who are enjoying having sex without worrying about bringing an unwanted child into the world.


Here’s the part Bruce did not quote that is suspiciously absent of real science:

Malcolm Gladwell quotes Drs. Coutinho and Segal when citing an anthropological work by scientist, Beverly Strassman in Mali, Africa: “Incessant ovulation serves no purpose except to increase the occurrence of abdominal pain, mood shifts, migraines, endometriosis, fibroids, and anemia.” And again, “Ovarian and endometrial cancer are characteristically modern diseases, consequences, in part, of a century in which women have come to menstruate 400 times in a lifetime.”

What do you think of Nancy’s post?

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