March For Life & Site News

March For Life & Site News January 22, 2016
View from my office window around 5 pm
View from my office window around 5 pm

Just a quick note to let you know not to worry if NLQ does not update much this weekend. Right at this moment the Northern Virginia area is the middle of winter storm Jonas. There’s about six inches on the ground that has fallen since noon. The area I am in is projected to get 30 inches or thereabouts if the Washington D.C. area weathermen are to be believed. With that much snow we sometimes lose power here in the Piedmont area. If that happens it will be impossible for me to update the site. Internet has been spotty already today. But we will return as soon as possible if the power goes out.

And on a different note about this storm: Today was March For Life day in Washington D.C., the annual march on the Mall to Capital Hill where many Evangelical Christians and even Quiverfull types speak on the steps of the Capital and protest the anniversary of the Roe Versus Wade becoming the law of the land. So all week the forecast for today has been for one of the worst blizzards to hit the Washington D. C. area and law enforcement was asking everyone to stay home and off the roads. Government offices closed at noon, there was no mail delivery and most mass transit was shutting down shortly before the storm was due to strike the city. Many stores and restaurants had shut in anticipation of this storm.

With this weather prediction being known all the way back to Monday you would have thought that the Right To Life protesters would have made alternate plans in case of inclement weather. Nope, they soldiered on in the beginnings of Snowmaggedon 2016. Hope the Park Police don’t end up having to dig a few frozen corpses out of the snow on the Mall. Would love to know why they didn’t reschedule. Usually when the speeches are made on the steps of the Capital various Republican politicos will come out and speak too. Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina spoke but there weren’t nearly the number of either marchers or speakers that the eventual usually garners. D.C. was a ghost town by midmorning according to the press. Who marches in a life-threatening blizzard to make an ideological point? Evangelicals. Hope they made it back to the hotel rooms in one piece. Roads closed and no flights out. Poor planning perhaps.

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