News: Duggars Hide Flight Plans for Their Airplane

News: Duggars Hide Flight Plans for Their Airplane January 15, 2016

newsOne of the more curious pieces of news on TLC’s Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family is the recent change to their publicly available flight information. In the last few days the Flight Aware flight plan page for the newer Duggar-owned plane – the 2004 SR22 with the FAA registry number N68SY – has gone completely private. Looks like Jim Bob finally ponied up the extra dollars to make all the flight plans for the plane unavailable to anyone with Google and the easy to obtain information on their plane.

Which brings up the question of why? Why now? Is it because that the tabloids have also been scouring those same flight plans to figure out where in the world son Josh Duggar is at any given moment or what the family is up to? Is it an action that they felt they needed to do before TLC announces that the show ’19 Kids & Counting’ is returning to television. Yes, TLC has a crew in Arkansas filming more episodes of their reality show at this moment even if the official announcement has not be made. TLC’s remarks at the recent television upfronts seems to indicate that the Duggars will be returning shortly.

The internet is buzzing over rumored new pregnancies for both Jill Duggar Dillard and Anna Duggar but there’s nothing in any of the news or tabloid sites about the sudden shielding of flight plan information by the family. Curious.

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