News: Josh Duggar Denied Appeal Against Danica Dillon – Her Lawsuit Will Continue

News: Josh Duggar Denied Appeal Against Danica Dillon – Her Lawsuit Will Continue January 8, 2016

newsThings did not go the way that Josh Duggar and his attorneys hoped in today’s hearing on the validity of Danica Dillon’s lawsuit again him. The judge ruled this morning that he was denying the appeal with these words (from Entertainment Tonight):

“We decline to grant Duggar’s motion to dismiss at this early stage of litigation where Stamm-Northup alleges Duggar treated her roughly, caused physical injuries, and she felt ‘as if she was being raped,'” Pennsylvania judge, J. Kearney, determined.

According to the same article Josh does not deny in his counter claim that he paid Dillon for sex, or that it might have been rough. Here’s what his lawyer had to say:

“Her labels and conclusions are not adequate, particularly because she states that she consented to physical and sexual contact in exchange for payment,” Josh’s lawyer, Jeffrey A. Conrad, argued in the court documents.

Translation: It sounds like a very legalese way to say you cannot rape a prostitute, which we all know is a lie. Anyone regardless of profession or anything else, can be a victim of rape.

But at the same time this appeal was denied TMZ is reporting something odd and very different than what the court papers filed on Josh’s behalf say. They say he is claiming he doesn’t know Dillon, has never met her, never been in that hotel or strip club and has an air tight alibi for the days in question. No documentation to back up what TMZ is saying. Sounds like something a supposed ‘Duggar insider’ made up. From TMZ:

Duggar claims in new legal docs he has an air-tight alibi … he was not even in Pennsylvania, the state where the alleged encounter went down. He also says he has never in his life been to the strip club or hotel in question.

Wonder what this published report of denial is all about since the legal documents admit Duggar paid Dillon for sex and had sex with her.

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