News: Josh Duggar’s Lawyer Demands Proof From Accuser

News: Josh Duggar’s Lawyer Demands Proof From Accuser January 21, 2016

newsJeffery A Conrad of Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the lawyer representing Josh Duggar in the civil case of sexual assault by Danica Dillon. According to Christian Today Conrad is making claims about the personal behavior of Ms. Dillon in the days following the filing. Here’s what he said from Christian Today – Josh Duggar’s Lawyer wants Accuser Danica Dillon To Show Evidence of Sexual Assault

Conrad filed a document at the U.S. District Court on Jan. 18 stating that his client could not have assaulted Dillon because of her failure to disclose medical records, lost wage information, or the text messages that they shared, according to Radar Online.

Conrad said Dillon, instead of showing seriousness on the case, has been more focused on partying. “It appears that in the days since her Complaint was filed, Plaintiff has found the time to bowl at Admiral Robinson Recreation Center in San Diego, California, ride a helicopter in Kauai, Hawaii, attend a San Diego chargers game, and to publicize photographs of herself undertaking those activities on Instagram,” the attorney wrote.

The judge presiding over the federal court handling the case has now ordered Dillon to produce any evidence she has in her case. Papers filed with  the courts this week contain a list of Josh Duggar’s evidence to counter her claim. He has receipts for an Uber ride, car rental receipts, videos, photographs, and copies of flight reservations that point to the fact that he might have been in Maryland or Texas on the dates Dillon says the assaults took place.

More from Radar Online including the newest court papers – Josh Duggar Claims He Has Uber Receipts

“Specifically, on March 12-14, 2015 or April 17-18, 2015, I was either in Texas, Maryland Washington, D.C, or flying to Texas from Maryland and provided evidence of that to my attorney,” Duggar wrote in his sworn certification, filed on January 19. “…I was not in the District on those dates and never caused Plaintiff any injury anywhere.”

The judge ordered Dillon, otherwise known as Ashley Stamm-Northup, to provide medical records and “evidence of lost business opportunities” to prove she suffered a half-million in damages following the two nights of rough sex.

The parties will meet in a Philadelphia courtroom for a pretrial conference this afternoon.

Radar’s article was posted today so this pretrial conference between the sides would have taken place just a few hours ago. No word on if either Josh or Danica made an appearance. Will post more as it becomes available. One of his sisters is alleging that Danica Dillon stalked Josh. Here’s hoping that Dillon has some pretty solid evidence to support her allegations.


On a completely different note someone asked the other day why we didn’t cover the furor over Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard’s son being swaddled at this age and the allegations of head bruises seen on the tot in some photos posted by Jill. We’ll not be covering that, or anything else about the minor Duggar children. Some of the discussion at other places has gotten nasty and vile, with people demanding everyone report the Dillard’s to CPS. We’re not going there at all this year. There are those communities online that love to speculate on minor things online and conflate the issues to true child abuse before reporting whatever reality television star to CPS. I really don’t want us to be one of them. It’s one thing to discuss the Duggar’s stated penchant for Michael Pearl’s blanket training, it’s a whole other level of wrong when we start analyzing every photo of a minor child looking for child abuse.


Off topic: Has anyone here been watching the Netflix series ‘Making a Murderer’ about the Steven Avery trials? Thoughts?

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