News: New Charges Brought Against Bill Gothard

News: New Charges Brought Against Bill Gothard January 7, 2016

newsAccording to an article in the Washington Post new allegations against ATI founder Bill Gothard. One of the women coming forward in the new lawsuit filed yesterday says that she was raped by Bill Gothard and another man on campus. The details of this are getting increasingly worse, with allegations of being sold into human trafficking and charges of molestation by others at IBLP.  Apparently several of Gothard’s victims went to law enforcement and law enforcement declined to prosecute. From the Washington Post:

The Jane Doe then alleges that Gothard had sexual intercourse with her without her consent, saying she notified IBLP of the rape through an email in 2013. She alleges that an IBLP-employed counselor also raped her in his office at an IBLP training center in Indianapolis. David Gibbs III, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, said she is not sure how old she was at the time of the alleged rapes, but was likely around 17 or 18 years old. Another woman in the lawsuit, Ruth Copley Burger, who was the adopted daughter of the counselor in question, alleges that her father sexually molested her.

Gibbs said that he believes both women went to the police with the allegations but he is not sure why law enforcement didn’t prosecute the cases. Allegations of sexual abuse that happened years ago are often difficult to pursue due to the possibility that the statute of limitations — the time period during which prosecutors are able to pursue a crime — has expired.

Keep in mind that this is the same homeschooling ministry that TLC’s Duggar family of ’19 Kids & Counting’ used and promoted in their books and their television show. The ladies in this law suit are our thoughts and prayers. May justice prevail.

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