News: New Papers Filed in Josh Duggar’s Bid to Stop Danica Dillon Lawsuit

News: New Papers Filed in Josh Duggar’s Bid to Stop Danica Dillon Lawsuit January 9, 2016

newsRemember yesterday when I posted that TMZ was claiming that Josh Duggar was now denying he’d ever met Danica Dillon and I couldn’t figure out where they were getting their source material? Turns out that they were right, they’d pulled the information off new legal papers filed by Josh’s attorneys. It was the response to the allegations required to be filed before January 20th. New US District Court documents claim that Josh wasn’t even in the state of Pennsylvania on the dates Dillon says he roughed her up. Duggar attorneys also submitted over a hundred pages of alibi documentation.

You can read the newest court documents at Radar Online.

We all know this is standard operating procedure within the Duggar family, even when presented with solid evidence that something occurred they will deny and lie, minimizing what exactly happened while changing the event to something far more innocent. They did this repeatedly over the years when Josh did things like molest his sisters and got caught looking at pornography on the computers at Jim Holt’s campaign headquarters. This is just how they behave so Josh denying he ever met Dillon is par for the course.

It will be interesting to see what proof that Danica Dillon has kept from their encounters. Surely she documented what happened in some way. Hope so because he said versus she said trials aren’t a guaranteed win for the plaintiff.

At least the papers confirm where Josh attended his sex rehab – Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois.

Here’s what Josh Duggar’s attorney said inRadar Online

“Plaintiff filed a Complaint against a public person. She hailed Mr. Duggar into Court in a state in which he has only ever passed through briefly and in which he was not present on the dates Plaintiff alleges she was injured,” his lawyers said. “Now, having sued Mr. Duggar and made very serious allegation — both in her Complaint and to the nation on Entertainment Tonight— Plaintiff cannot find the time to comply with court orders that she supply the information necessary to support her allegations.”

The other surprising news about the Josh Duggar scandal is that during the spring television upfronts week one of the big executives with TLC was grilled over why the network is still involved with the Duggar family. Here’s what was said from The Huffington Post

“Every decision we’ve made has been done very thoughtfully and very carefully about what is in the best interests of the people involved and the network,” Daniels said. “Our first priority is making sure that there’s a health and well-being of our families first and foremost. We feature stories of different families with real people and real things happen.”

There was also discussion of more episodes of the recent three part Duggar specials ‘Counting On’

“The audience clearly cares about these girls,” she said, before going on to say that they are “still talking and considering” more episodes focused on the sisters, but haven’t made any decisions yet.

Translation: TLC is still upset they lost 19 million dollars by cancelling “19 Kids & Counting” and is seeking a way to recoup that loss. This isn’t about what’s best for the children in that family at all. Here’s hoping that “Honey Boo Boo Child” mother June Shannon sues TLC for their hypocrisy in how they handled very similar scandals on two reality shows in two different ways.

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