Quoting Quiverfull: New Year Resolutions?

Quoting Quiverfull: New Year Resolutions? January 1, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Megan Van Vuren of No Greater Joy – Happy New Year From No Greater Joy

Editor’s note: So far there’s been no news of why Debi Pearl of NGJ was publicly calling for the deaths of those that appose them. Just this little bit about the kinds of New Year resolutions you should make as a family. What resolutions did you make this year or last year and how did that work out for you? Last year I resolved to make my needs known, forcefully if necessary, in regards to my long struggle with asthma. There were mixed results, some folks in my life respected what I had to say and honored my requests. Others decided to be offended that I’d stood up for myself. This year’s resolution is the live my life more mindfully, and to speak immediately to those I have issues with in an attempt to resolve them quickly. What about you?

The new year is upon us, and people everywhere are making resolutions of all kinds. But while resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise, stop smoking, etc are all important, may we not miss the opportunity to commit to improving ourselves in an area that will make an eternal difference! You can set a goal of going on a family outing to hand out tracts once a week, or commit to sharing your faith on a regular basis, and lots of other ways too! What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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