Quoting Quiverfull: What the Heck is ‘Nuisance Lust’?

Quoting Quiverfull: What the Heck is ‘Nuisance Lust’? January 19, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog – Pastor Doug Wilson on Rape, Submission, Feminists and Boobs

Editor’s note: There is just so much completely wrong in Wilson’s entire article, starting with the title. Why not use the word ‘breasts’ instead of the casual word ‘boobs’? The way he speaks about women that do not line up with his ideas on good women, like ‘herpes on heels’ or ‘pop up twinkie’ is merely denigrating and disgusting, something no pastor or man should say. Seems to me that the entire articles main thrust is to put down women for not conforming to his personal standards.

Here is another scenario. Suppose a man and his wife are out walking at the mall, and some chick is walking toward them, bouncing away like there’s no tomorrow. If the couple walk past her, and he says, “that’s just terrible. I can’t believe some people,” and his wife agrees, and they walk to the other end of the mall, clucking their tongues, I would be willing to bet ten dollars that the spectacle was far more of a problem to him than he is letting on. But if he could say to his wife, “Is this a great country, or what?” the chances are much better that he is handling it right. The problem is this: if he says that to his wife, then she might have trouble handling it right. What does he mean by saying, “is this a great country or what?” It is that kind of thing, she fulminates, that is causing the country to descend into a sinkhole of corruptions. Yeah, she’s right about that. But we want to be the kind of men who can learn to see this sin rightly, including these delights of sexual lust being advertised by herpes on heels.

Now if the wife comes to her husband afterwards and says, “Was that girl at the mall a problem to you?” his answer should be, “That’s the kind of thing that would be a problem if we couldn’t talk and joke about it.” If she takes offense immediately, then that is going to cause him to clam up, not wanting unnecessary conflict with a wife who is dear to him. And when he clams up, he is left alone with things in his head he ought not to be left alone with. When that happens, petty sins grow into more significant sins.

Most Christian women think that lust happens to guys when they are in the presence of any image of a scantily clad whoosit, and they think that this lust happens the way a bowling ball falls when you drop it. But this is not true. Far more is involved than simple stimulus and response. There is stimulus, response, law, grace, marriage, communion, context, and wisdom. If you shut it up inside your head, then it will be largely confined to stimulus and response, which is why you have such a struggle with it.

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