Quoting Quiverfull: Your Taxes Pay For ‘Lazy Whores’?

Quoting Quiverfull: Your Taxes Pay For ‘Lazy Whores’? January 8, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Zsuzsanna Anderson from Are They All Yours? – April 15, Tax Day – The Day We Are Reminded We Are All Slaves To The Global Banking Elite!

Editor’s note: This is a short posting that’s not so sweet by Steven L. Anderson’s wife letting the world know that she thinks taxes are a scam for other women to lay around watching television. In very ugly words. Would Jesus approve of calling other women whores? That’s some Olympic-level blaming and shaming going on there.

Or, go get another beer and watch TV while our country goes to hell and we all finance it.

My husband has been out since 10 pm last night working not just to provide for our family, but to also finance every lazy whore who lives on welfare and expects my husband to pay for her bastard children she has with all different exes. Or abort them. Or put them through the brainwashing government school system. Or pay for the doctor that they need all the time because they live a horrible and sick lifestyle that takes its toll on their body.

No wonder I am feeling extra sick today.

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  • KarenH

    Dear Zsu. Shut it. I’m a single, working woman, a Mom to a grown up young man who makes about half again as much as I do. He pays a butt-ton in taxes. I earn about twice what you do. Or rather, your dh does. Either way, if I’m sitting around with a beer and watching television, I’m drinking beer I paid for with my wages, and watching it on a satellite feed and a flat screen TV (also paid for by my wages) and I’m reasonably certain that between my son’s wages and mine, we pay more in taxes than you DH earns.

    So again. Shut it. Your “share” to the welfare system is such a tiny, tiny, tiny, contribution that one family couldn’t buy one child an entire happy meal. My share like pays one month’s worth of electricity and I doubt my son’s share pays even one month of rent for the less fortunate.

    If you don’t like paying taxes, you and your dh are free to quit working and let my son and I support you. I wouldn’t be happy about it, but at least I’d know your kids are finally getting decent food and an adequate education.

  • Nea

    Y’know, I honestly can’t hear a difference between short Anderson quotes and short Pearl quotes. They’re both just bile poured out in photons. So much for “love your neighbor” – more like “self righteously sling insults at your neighbor.”

  • Saraquill

    Letting one’s neighbor starve in the streets while ravaged by a treatable disease is a good thing? I imagine the Middle Eastern hippy has some strong words for the likes of the Andersons.

  • Aloha

    Notes to Zsu:
    1) Whores earn money through sex-trade, not welfare.
    2) This might be more meaningful if you were bellyaching about your own income rather than sweet hubby’s. “My poor husband should only be slaving away for ME!”
    3) If women abort their pregnancies, then society doesn’t have to assist raising their children.
    4) The word “bastard” is both a cuss word and an empty insult. The roots of this term are in the children of rape and slave-mothers who had no right to their father’s wealth. Christian ladies who won’t even say “pregnant” certainly shouldn’t use this word.

  • Portia McGonagal

    Doesn’t her husband earn a tax exempt income as a preacher man?

  • SAO

    Amazing from someone who probably is wrecking her body with too many pregnancies and is almost certainly raising a lot of children who will grow up to be uneducated, barely employable adults.

  • Mirella222

    Zsu, here’s the thing. All that stuff you’re complaining about? It wasn’t arbitrarily implemented. Not so long ago, education was for the upper class only, healthcare was expensive and not very reliable, and the poor starved if they could not find work. But we, as a society, have moved away from that. Social welfare programs were put in place because we decided that it is unacceptable to let people die just because they were laid off/fired/can’t find a job. Are some people who receive welfare lazy or morally bankrupt? Of course. Because some PEOPLE are lazy or morally bankrupt, and this holds true across ALL income brackets. And frankly, being lazy shouldn’t be a death sentence in the first place (and what about welfare recipients’ children who you slander – even if their parents are lazy, do they deserve to go cold and hungry because of their parents?). Furthermore, public education was instated because, frankly, society runs a lot smoother when people are literate, numerate, and have some general knowledge. Also, it drives innovation like nothing else. It is no coincidence that technological advancements increased exponentially after the introduction of public education. Lastly, public health has been adopted by many countries, because it was decided that allowing people to suffer and die from illnesses and injuries that are treatable is completely, utterly, unacceptable. And, just as an aside, living a “healthy” lifestyle isn’t going to prevent genetic diseases, accidents, injuries, or most infections and viruses. Zsu, the society you imagine has existed. Crack open a book about start of the industrial revolution, and you’ll see exactly what life without school or healthcare or welfare was like. Spoiler alert: it was so awful that welfare, public health, and public education were created to counteract how terrible it was!

  • And what about the QF families that get thousands back in taxes, food stamps, medical care, WIC, housing assistance…?

  • Mirlo

    From her response to the comments: “…single parents could learn to take care of their own children. Nobody in this country is starving to death, even if the government stopped all welfare programs. There are so many privately funded organizations to help people. The real problem is that a single mother wants to live like someone who is married and has a husband to provide for her, but that is not right. Everyone should not live equal. Some work harder than others, some have higher morals, some pray for God to bless them.”

    If you were raped and had a child from that, you should live in poverty. Obviously your morals weren’t high enough.

    If your husband died and left you to raise your children alone, you should live in poverty. Obviously you didn’t pray enough.

    I’d like to say that I’ve never heard this kind of hatred in person, but… When I adopted my first child (as a single mother), I had several Christian mothers – none of whom were interested in orphan care – tell me that I was going against God’s plan for that child. Obviously God intended for my son to bounce around the system for several more years until some mythical married couple came along. Another “friend” explained that if a girl in the church gets pregnant, she should give her child to a married couple in the church to raise. A woman who was widowed could possibly keep her children, but she shouldn’t work. She needs to live on the spotty generosity of those in the church.

  • Allison the Great

    That’s not right, and that’s why I think so many of these oh-so-righteous Christians are morally bankrupt. They don’t give a shit about other people, they only want to judge them and tell them what to do with their lives and tell them how to live.

  • Allison the Great

    Yeah, because most of those Christian Patriarchs are not educated enough to get a decent job that enables them to provide for their families. I read that most Quiverful families are dirt poor.

  • Allison the Great

    My father, a bankruptcy lawyer, has always taught me that anyone can lose everything they have to an unexpected health complication, a family death, loss of a job, the list goes on, really.

    I bring this up because
    a) the people that she’s bashing that are living off the government (and I don’t mean the whores) might have had something like that happen to them and the proper thing to do is to be empathetic towards them (but Zsu is an evil twit who is incapable of empathy, it seems)
    b) Employment is not guaranteed. Lots of people thought they had a stable job only to be laid off, or have their business collapse if they are self-employed. It happens. What has happened to those who have had to take assistance from Uncle Sam can easily happen to all of us.

    Isn’t Zsu’s husband a full-time “pastor” now? Honestly, I consider him lazy. All he does is yell a bunch of hateful things. That’s not hard work in my eyes.

  • Michelle M

    Sheesh. The victimhood is strong with this one. Someone should inform the poor dear that she is not required to live in the U.S.

  • BlueVibe

    I’m single and childless. I don’t get tax breaks for anything. Thank goodness my employer pays my health insurance because I wouldn’t qualify for subsidies even if I couldn’t afford my own insurance in the real world.

    When you give up your child tax credit, Zsu, and actually pay full ride for your kids, we’ll talk.

  • BlueVibe

    Oh, that is, if your husband pays taxes at all.

  • Anonyme

    Regarding #3:

    Zsu’s against government assistance, yet against abortion. Does she realize she can’t have it both ways?

  • Anonyme

    For all their preaching about how much the world outside their circle of smug is obsessed with sex, fundies sure are obsessed with sex.

  • Anonyme

    I’d rather be working, Zsu, trust me, but I can’t right now. According to the dumb-ass rules of SSDI, the money I was making at mere minimum wage, part time, knocked me out of health benefits I needed. So, unless you can find me a steady job with benefits that will give me the health coverage I need (especially with paying for my epilepsy medications that would cost me $3000 every month out-of-pocket, bog off).

  • Mirlo

    Well, duh, that’s your own fault for not following God’s plan, getting married, and having a quiver full of kids. Quit complaining, you marriage-hating infidel!

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Shorter Zsuzsanna Anderson: having all these children has screwed my health, but as an upstanding Christian and a pastor’s wife, I’m going to take out my frustration and rage on the women and children who don’t live the godly, virtuous life that my family and I enjoy. So all of you Satanic skanks on the Government’s dime can go to Hell, along with your little hellspawn, the IRS, and everyone involved with the Government! Enjoy your time in the lake of fire! I know I’ll enjoy watching your agony…

  • Nightshade

    Bet Mr. BGR would love her, they’re both opposed to social safety nets helping women to live independently of men…you know, as actual human beings, not some guy’s property.

  • Mel

    Don’t forget that Obamacare saved her family from absolute bankruptcy when she had a mono-di twin pregnancy that required advanced care to attempt to save both twins. She lucked out -big time – in that her pregnancy was covered by a one-time window where she could buy insurance without her pregnancy counting as an pre-existing condition. Did that change her view on anything? Nope.

  • MizzKittay

    Dearest Zsu, I’m feeling sick too. Especially when I’m exposed to verbal vomit like this.

  • Poster Girl

    So what are women to do if their partners leave them? If they abort, they’re evil murderers. If they stay home, her husband is working to support them. If they work themselves, they’re evil child neglecters abandoning their children to the brainwashing government school system.

  • Poster Girl

    Seriously. On paper my life is as ordered and stable as they get: married, both partners working full-time in good jobs in our fields, house with a reasonable mortgage (much lower payment than rent on a smaller place would set us back), excellent health plan. If one of us developed a chronic debilitating illness, cancer or similar, we would lose EVERYTHING and have to go on public medical and move in with a set of our parents. And we’re lucky enough to have parents close by in a position to help us.

  • Poster Girl

    She can if poor women simply stop having sex. In her world, the only people who should be having sex are heterosexual married couples who can afford unlimited children.

  • Poster Girl

    As a healthy taxpayer, I *want* my tax dollars to go to people like you. MUCH more than to corporate loopholes or unjustified wars.

  • BridgetD

    Damned whatever you do. People like Zsu don’t miss a chance to make themselves feel better by making others feel worse.

  • Sari

    Sometimes when I read Zsu, after the scalding hot shower to cleanse myself, I think that she is going to find her God a very different entity than she has portrayed.

  • BridgetD

    What the hell? So if you’re single by circumstance (or by choice, though they have more of an opening to condemn you at that point), you’re a bad mom if you work, but don’t expect them to foot the bill?

    I lived an impoverished life as a child. My father made too much to get welfare, but my parents were deep in debt during much of my childhood due to medical bills (my mom is now on disability because of her health issues). We often depended on charity for groceries, gas, and bills. I don’t think I would’ve survived without the charity of the church, but it was not consistently given. With my dad’s job, we could scrape by, but the idea of having to depend on charity entirely scares me.

    And also, children are better bouncing around the foster system than in a stable loving home because you’re single? Um, methinks that these people need a course in child psychology and development. Single parenting isn’t easy, but it’s preferable to what these kids endure in the system.

  • Abigail Smith

    A single parent can be a better parent if they are a kind person than a controlling QF married couple, especially ones who spew forth hate like this and teach their kids to do so.
    My sister is a single mom who fought to get full custody from her abusive ex-husband. Her son is much better off with her alone than with two parents.

  • Mrs. Anderson, please. Sit down and talk– actually talk — and LISTEN to the story of just one individual who falls into the brackets you are condemning. Listen with your heart and mind, not with your religious training and judgment. Find out that these are people, human beings like yourself, not faceless, nameless enemies of all you hold dear. Remember that Jesus ate and drank with “tax collectors and sinners.” What you are practicing doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what he taught or how he lived.

  • Antoinette Herrera

    Dear Zsuzsanna Anderson:

    You’ve flaunted your hate-on for single parents, the poor, and any number of people you deem ungodly. You’ve displayed utter contempt for modern medicine, education at every level (I consider what you inflict on your children indoctrination at best), and the law at every turn.

    To the best of my knowledge, you haven’t dragged out white supremacist/Neo-Nazi rhetoric yet, but if your latest screeds are any indication, it’s just a matter of time.

    The level of depravity you display in this recent batch of verbal meconium is vile, appalling, and beyond belief. You would be pleased to see the world in flames, just so you could laugh at the misery and mayhem around you. It offends you that other women don’t live in thrall to domineering men; that children play with other children; that people of color, LGBTQ people, and those who don’t hew to your sadistic, reptilian “faith” breathe the same oxygen as you. And it drives you wiggy, doesn’t it, that you can’t stop having child after child?! But you can’t vent your frustration toward your repellent husband, and it would crush you to admit that you’re not happy as a pastor’s wife and mother. So you punch down, willfully oblivious to your own projection.

    Those taxes you despise so much? They pay for the upkeep of roads, parks, and other public spaces. They go to the schools you loathe, to the law enforcement officers you consider beneath you, to the public assistance programs that you’d gleefully dismantle. They provide grants to college students, scientists, and researchers in a wide range of fields.

    But maybe you think you can do better, as a sovereign citizen, that you can create a place where Steven is the authority of your mini-state, and your children are his armed minions. I think you’re kidding yourself if you believe that.

    I view you, Ms Anderson, with horror and pity. Horror because you are eager to say amoral, monstrous, and wretched things, and you display nothing like remorse or empathy. Pity, because you have no idea how thoroughly you’ve mutilated your soul. (Although if you do, I still pity you.)

  • Nea

    Far, far more than seculars are. The thing is, I can think “Benedict Cumberbatch looked utterly lickable in that Victorian dressing gown” … and then go on with my life without a second thought. No angst over a brief fantasy, no worry over lust or porn, no regrets over lusting after another woman’s husband.

    As opposed to, say, Debi Pearl and her calling 30 seconds of Law and Order “softcore porn” the mere memory of which makes a boy come in his pants.

  • progressive and proud

    She and her husband, grifters from the work go.

  • progressive and proud

    She’s too stupid to make the connection. Hate consumes her.

  • progressive and proud

    I’ve actually read this exact sentiment from so called “Christians”. It makes my skin crawl.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I think they’re supposed to surrender them for adoption by True Christian™ couples, who’ll raise them to despise their evil slut birthmother.

  • B.A.

    And they should be Caucasian and quiverfull too.

  • B.A.

    Perhaps she should give Syria a try.

  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    “…but Zsu is an evil twit who is incapable of empathy, it seems.”

    Being incapable of empathy and recommending or actually doing evil against another is the clinical psychiatric and legal definition of a psychopath.

    What does this say about the Andersons and the Pearls?

  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    That kind of hatred, intolerance, and stupidity are a perfect storm. They create and feed her hypocrisy ad infinitum.

  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    If he does, he shouldn’t.

    Most religious-related not-for-profits should be audited under a microscope and be made to prove that no more than 5% of their income goes to *administrative expenses* and the rest to their defined charitable programs.

    Otherwise, they should lose their tax-exempt status, pay back taxes owed, and pay all current and future taxes.

  • (((madagascanlemur)))


    Two notes to Aloha:

    1.) *Whore* is an unforgiving, nasty, judgmental thing to label women who are often abused by their pimp-husbands and have no options;
    2.) If Zsu bitches about *whores* aborting their ill-conceived pregnancies on the public dime, let’s all remind her that the Hyde Amendment makes that impossible.

  • KarenH

    I recently had to remind one such minion that she could NOT look forward to enjoying my “eternity in the lake of fire” since the wages of sin are death. And that she can’t have it both ways.

    She did not take the news well. 😀

  • KarenH

    I hear Somalia is a libertarian paradise.


  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    But no woman’s body is capable of withstanding the physical and psychological assault of unending pregnancies – love of husband, children, god, and obedience to Quiverfull be damned.

  • (((madagascanlemur)))

    Great indictment against Zsuzsu and Steven. But there are too many multi-syllable words that they won’t comprehend.

  • Gypsy Rose B

    And then everyone in that situation is screwed because of the “sins of the father” that will follow the kids.

  • Joy

    I am SO glad that when I became pregnant no one pushed me to give him up for adoption! I could have done without the teaching that you must marry the biological father though. That mistake is now fixed – and I’m now a single mom who is not on welfare.

  • Joy

    I wish more people realized that some single parent homes can be healthier places than some two parent homes. Thanks for recognizing that 🙂

  • Joy

    Well said, Kristen!

  • Abigail Smith

    I grew up in a very dysfunctional two parent home and I used to wish they would get divorced to end the endless fighting, so I get it.

  • Joy

    Now there’s a match made in hell.

  • Michelle Singleton

    Long and rambling rant, but I had to give my 15cents…

    I’m a single mother by circumstance.
    After 10 1/2 years of marriage, 4 deployments, 3 PCSs, and one set of twins, my husband was killed in a car wreck. We had gone down to Fort Walton Beach to celebrate the girls being potty trained. (He promised them that when they were using the big girl potty, had no accidents, and were in Pre-K, we would go to the beach…) We were on our way home and a man going 92+mph, high on cocaine, slammed into us. Our car spun, flipped 3 times and landed at the base of an oak tree. Superman was killed almost instantly because he hit the steering wheel. How the girls and I walked away relatively unscathed is beyond me.
    Superman worked for 24+ years, paying taxes etc, for the “just in case” scenario. The girls and I live on our SSA and the survivor annuity I get for being a surviving dependent of a retiree. We pay our health/dental/optical premiums. I have NEVER qualified for WIC or SNAP. I am a SAHM and I homeschool. I homeschool because of bullying that my kids endured by a “good christian girl” who became aware of their daddy’s death…and that we are Pagan. There is no way I could get a job without going back to school (which I can’t afford) or loosing the Social Security (I can only make 10K$/yr outside of my benefit checks).
    I have been called a mooch, drain, and many other things by people who knew, worked with, and “respected” my husband. People like them and Ms Anderson are why I have had a very hard time letting go of my anger towards christians and christianity. (Raised fundy..)
    Let me tell you. If it meant having Superman back, I would gladly give up everything I have gained materialistically, spiritually, and mentally. I would give up The Boyfriend and his love, support, and kindness. (He knows and he agrees. They were friends for 3-ish years before Superman died.) I didn’t ask for this (as was suggested my a chaplain at the ER when he found out we were pagan and decided that god was trying to get my attention by having my hubby killed). I don’t want it.
    Just saying….

  • Mirlo

    I’m sorry. They were wrong — the bully, the chaplain, and the others.

  • jennabobenna

    Suggested reading for Zsuzsanna “Please Zsut Up” Anderson: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. If that doesn’t knock some sense into you, you’re free to go live in a developing nation without any of the social safety net programs you abhor so much.

  • texassa

    Actually, I feel that my taxes go to pay for every family who opts to have children – married, single, one kid, or 23 of them. That’s what federal dependent tax deductions are: it’s a freebie for having a kid. It means people like me who have no children shoulder a higher burden of our society’s taxes than those who opt to have children. So unless this horrible woman and her hard-working husband aren’t claiming their brood as dependents – and receiving the subsequent tax benefits – they’re no different than anyone on public assistance. Federal dependent tax deductions are public assistance.