Reminder: NLQ Founder Vyckie Garrison on Al Jazeera ‘America Tonight’

Reminder: NLQ Founder Vyckie Garrison on Al Jazeera ‘America Tonight’ January 29, 2016

vyckiecnnETA: This did not happen tonight. Al Jazeera went with a story on the Zika virus and Ebola instead. Vyckie was texted by her contact that the show had been rescheduled but not what the new date is. Too bad,

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the when the piece on Quiverfull will air on Al Jazeera’s ‘America Tonight’ at 9:30 est. Vyckie is interviewed along with Nancy Campbell and several families living the Quiverfull lifestyle. Wish the show was giving equal time to former QF families trying to put their lives back together after life in the lifestyle. Don’t miss it!

Wonder if Nancy is going to slip up and reveal yet again that one of the big things she believes is that Quiverfull is a way to keep breeding nice white families?

Is anyone else upset that Al Jazeera America is leaving the airways? We’re always enjoyed the station because they seem to be one of the few networks that shows all sides of an issue instead of some preconceived slant. Like their coverage of the international threat that the Zika virus has the potential to become. Or their political coverage, international news that no other station shows. The great documentaries.

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  • Julia

    It’s 9:50pm EST and I’m watching Al Jazeera and still waiting to see Vyckie Garrison.

  • Julia

    It’s 10:05pm and I’ve been watching since 9:28pm EST, and they never showed Vyckie Garrison.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Vyckie found out right before the show came on that her segment has been rescheduled. No idea what day yet. Yeah, I was watching too so I didn’t get Vyckies message till after the show.

  • Julia

    Thanks for your reply! I guess this page will keep us posted?