News: What Could be Revealed in the Discovery Phase of the Josh Duggar Lawsuit

News: What Could be Revealed in the Discovery Phase of the Josh Duggar Lawsuit February 1, 2016

newsIn Touch Weekly had an interesting interview with the lady, Danica Dillon, suing Josh Duggar in their issue on newsstands right now. It’s the issue with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on the cover with the fake-out, click-baiting headline “Duggars’ Nightmare – The Family Therapist Tells All” What is actually inside the magazine cover is not some sort of ‘tell all’ by any therapist.

What the story does contain is a run down of what has been and can be requested during this phase of the legal motion, in the discovery phase. Which means according to the article that at some point the mental health treatment records of the entire adult Duggar family could be released. Including some information on the Department of Human Services social worker visit to the Duggar home in May of 2015.

I hear you asking ‘How can release of mental health treatment records possibly be legal under the HIPAA Act’? According to law professor Michael Johnson quoted in the article anything that can be deemed relevant to the case, including legal documents and treatment records, can be requested and receiving at this point in the legal action. This means it’s likely that every treatment record/legal document going all the way back to Josh molesting his early victims will likely come out. The Duggar attorney has already sent requests for Danica Dillon’s treatment records. He thinks it’s very unlikely that the Duggars will be able to keep any of these records out of the hands of the attorneys no matter how badly Michelle and Jim Bob want to hide everything

Any therapists or law enforcement personnel could also be deposed, going all the way back to the first allegations involving Josh and the five girls he sexually molested. Legal depositions can also be taken of Michelle, Jim Bob, Jill, Jessa and any other victims.

One of the possible scenarios to be probed in court will be Josh Duggar’s firing from family friend Jim Holt’s campaign for allegedly accessing pornography on campaign headquarters computers. According to someone at the Duggar’s church it is alleged in the article that Jim Bob and Michelle nearly separated over what Josh’s punishment would be. According to the article this and any other disagreement or fight is open for questioning in the lawsuit.

As for Josh claiming he’s never met Danica and was not in the state of Pennsylvania on those dates it turns out that she has witnesses and other evidence.

The most interesting and telling thing in the entire article to me is that the Duggars have already spent well over one fifth of the amount Danica is asking for on attorneys at this point. By the time they get to trial the bill is likely to be over the amount asked for. Why did they just simply not settle this quietly out of court? If all the things listed above are going to be revealed in court it seems like it would be enough to put a damper on their new television show and shut down the coffers of cash coming their way.

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