Quoting Quiverfull: Low Hanging Fruit and Delaying Marriage?

Quoting Quiverfull: Low Hanging Fruit and Delaying Marriage? February 16, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Jeff Woodward from Let Them Marry – Girls Are Like Apples

Editor’s note: Can you stand any more belabored apple puns? This is written by the guy at Vaughn Ohlman’s site that created the whole girls are like apples meme in response to some other girls and apples meme floating around Facebook. While he makes some good points if you ignore the fact that he seems to think that girls are inanimate objects to use like apples, his main point is that too many apples languish unpicked and untasted on the tree, just like young people have stopped marrying so young.

The real problem today, however, is not that some fruit on the tree is being passed over for the “easy”, “low-hanging fruit”. No, the real problem is that vast quantities of this fruit are past their prime, are past ripeness. This is why so many have now fallen to the ground and are beginning to rot, sometimes becoming prey to less worthy suitors. Yes, I’m talking about the fact that the average age of marriage today (for both men and women) is so much later in life than in other times in history. The late 20’s or 30’s may still feel “young” when compared with 50 or 60, but any age over 30 is quite old if one has never been married when you consider that in times past most women would have had an eleven- or twelve-year-old by this time. Our standards for “young” certainly have changed. But, our biological capabilities have not changed significantly. [6]

Now, I do not mean to make unmarried women feel bad for their present stations, but I do want to be honest and realistic about what is going on today. Even so, let me be clear that I do not largely place the blame upon the women themselves. There is plenty of blame to go around elsewhere.

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