Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series Message is Kill Christianity?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series Message is Kill Christianity? February 5, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church – Star War in Light of the Bible

Editor’s note: This entire long screen that is supposed to be a sermon has some of the strangest hateful points. 1) Star Wars leads to the acceptance of sexual predators, 2) It’s Buddhist thought bent on destroying Christianity and 3) Hate, fear and anger are all Biblical emotions that every Christian should feel towards others. So much word salad!

I mean, think about how wicked of a person a child molester is. How they take that sweet innocent child and defile it and corrupt it and ruin their life? Who thinks that a child molester should be taken out and killed as a punishment? I do. Too bad we’re not some kind of governing body here, because right now it’s a revolving door. Where they arrest these horrible, filthy, perverts and they’ll be put away for a few years and it’s a revolving door. No. They ought to be taken out like a dog and shot. That’s the Biblical teaching of what should happen to these people. We studied God’s law, and yet Christians today have been duped into this thing. By the way, homosexuals are pedophiles wake up. Wake up people. It’s not like they show you on T.V. They’re not reproducers. They’re recruiters and they’re after your children. That’s a whole other sermon in itself.

Turn if you would to Proverbs chapter 28. According to Star Wars, according to the media, according to science fiction, according to that which people are spending hours and hour watching, and very little time in this book. Then they say “oh Pastor Anderson, you don’t know what your. Man, we shouldn’t be hateful we shouldn’t ever hate people. Hate is the dark side.” It’s like that’s Yoda talking, that’s not the bible talking. I’m serious tonight. They all it’s silly sermon, a silly subject. You know what’s silly? Is that Christians get their doctrine from this, and I know it not just Star Wars but Star Wars is just another break in the wall of this continual brain washing that’s been taking place for decades now of just love everybody, accept everything, tolerate everything.

I mean if people are going to be transgender, transvestites, that’s all fine and dandy. I mean this is the agenda today. Christians are accepting things that you never thought they would accept. They’re putting up with things that you never would have thought that you put up with and it’s simply because the devil has control of their mind instead of the Lord having control of their mind. It would be solved by spending time in the Bible, not hour after hour in the hell-ovision. In front of the Tell-lie-vision. In front of movies that are put out by people who reject the God of the Bible and they prefer eastern mysticism. Buddhism, Hinduism, the Satanic counterfeit religions. A lot of people would say, “Well come on. Star Wars is a good clean movie. It’s good clean fun,” and you say “well what about all the religion though? What about the religious overtones of Star Wars.”

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