Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series Message is Kill Christianity?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series Message is Kill Christianity? February 6, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church – Star Wars in Light of the Bible

Editor’s note: There’s just so much from this sermon that belongs here, but there’s not enough room or time. I leave you with this, Steven ranting about Darth Vadar being pseudo-Jesus and Buddhism. Why does every single one of his sermons read like a demented justification for hating others, fearing the world and like the ravings of someone without a good grip on mental health? I’ve read all sorts of odd justifications for Christians hating Yoga but he’s managed to come up with a new one here.

It’s not some dark side. It’s not like oh lets only have positive, positive, positive. Sweetness and light and no dark side. Nothing negative ever, which is what these films are teaching. Which is the mentality that they portray which is not unique to them. It comes from Buddhism. Okay? Here are some other things about Star Wars from a religious standpoint. First of all, just the fact that Darth Vader is born of a virgin should raise a red flag with you. That there are some weird religious undertones in this film. Who knew that? Put up your hand if you already knew that. Yeah I remember I thought this back when I was going to the movies and stuff and I watched the episode 1 when it came out back in 1999 or whatever it was.

I walked out of there and I said to somebody. I said, “That was pretty weird about how they’re making Darth Vader be born of a virgin.” The person I said that to said, “what are you talking about? I don’t remember that in the movie.” It’s there in the movie. It’s right there in the movie because the guy asked her so whose the father and she says “oh there was no father”. It was conceived by the force. Which the force is like a replacement for God in this movie series. Flip over if you will into Daniel chapter 11. So Darth Vader is born of a virgin according to episode 1, and also Darth Vader comes to fulfill prophecy. There’s a lot of talk about the prophecies and things that this guy would come, and he’s going to bring balance to the force. Then of course eventually Darth Vader sacrifices his life and brings balance to the force. This virgin born Darth Vader.

When we think of the force, again this calls to mind Buddhism, Eastern mysticism, Hinduism. If you think about it in the movie there’s a lot of meditation that goes on and I’m not talking about Biblical meditation. See, Biblical meditation is when we mediate on God’s word day and night. That’s actually where we memorize scripture and then think about the scripture that we memorize. Kind of run through verses in our mind, and think about what they mean. That’s what meditation is Biblically. That’s a good meditation. To sit and dwell on God’s word, but the meditation that we see in Star Wars is basically liken to Buddhist and Hindu transcendental mediation. This is a very dangerous practice and Christians get mixed up in some of this stuff.

They get mixed up into yoga and they say, “Well it’s just great stretching.” Here’s the thing though, you could probably just stretch on your own without yoga or you could probably find a different stretching program. Not one that came from a Satan worshiping false religion called Hinduism. Find a different program, plus I think stretching is over rated anyway. I never. I don’t stretch before I run, so you know some people can over do stretching anyway. You see these people bending themselves into a pretzel. I’m not sure that’s even totally beneficial, because your muscles are like rubber bands and if you stretch them too much it’s like a rubber band that’s been stretched too much. It doesn’t have as much strength, but anyway that’s a fitness discussion that has no place in the house of God. Not going to go into that.

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