Vyckie Garrison Scheduled on Al Jazeera America Tonight

Vyckie Garrison Scheduled on Al Jazeera America Tonight February 5, 2016

vyckiecnnAfter all the shuffling of Al Jazeera’s ‘America Tonight’ due to winter storm Jonah and coverage of both the Iowa Caucus and the emerging details of the Zika virus it looks like they will be showing NLQ founder Vyckie Garrison’s segment tonight.  The program will air at 9:30 pm est. Check your local listings for times in your area.

Also on the program will be much-quoted here at NLQ female cultural enforcer Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies.  Will be interesting to see how she comes off considering to most outside of the movement she sounds very odd and almost creepy.

One of the Quiverfull families featured on the program in support of the movement is the Flanders family. Perusing their website they seem to be more lifestyle bloggers than true-believer hard-core fundamentalist Quiverfull family. The women wear jeans plus there was not one ‘LOOK AT MY AWESOME RIGHTEOUS HOMEMADE BREAD!’ photo jumping out of the recipes section.

When these television shows pick out ‘average’ Quiverfull families to showcase I wish they’d chose the ones more typically found in the homeschooling quiverfull movement in America instead of the suburban middle class ones that are not really representative of the average Quiverfull family. Too many children squeezed in a three bedroom house living on almost no money while daddy spouts the scriptures piously into the camera.

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