Duggar Kama Sutra Counting On

Duggar Kama Sutra Counting On March 19, 2016

Duggar BingoEditor’s note: I found this funny bit that I started to put together to publish on NLQ  around 15 months ago, but never got around to finishing. Good for a raining cold Saturday afternoon. This was written well before any of the various Josh Duggar sex fiend/molester allegations came to light.

Paul Rudnick over at the New Yorker wrote a very funny piece about if the Duggar’s wrote a sex manual what it would look like. Especially in light of the fact that no hand holding is allowed in courtship, and side hugs only.

One of the funnier bits?


All family members must assemble in a great room or back yard. Each member is handed a Magic Marker and a square of oaktag, and asked to write down an activity that leads them to profound sensual arousal. On the count of three, everyone holds up their statements, revealing such options as “Vacuuming Underneath Large Pieces of Furniture,” “Refinishing a Tag-Sale Find,” and “Coaching Softball at the Nursing Home.” If anyone’s oaktag reads “Picturing My Girlfriend Wearing Kneesocks” or “Wondering What It Would Be Like If We Had HBO,” then that family member will have a pentagram drawn on his or her forehead, and will receive only a single Pillsbury crescent roll at dinner.

Read the entire article at The New Yorker

…and in very dumb Duggar news of March 2016 the family has returned to the airwaves this week with their new show Counting On.  On the Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life is not all Pickles and Hairspray they have a very funny recap of the show up now here.https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=882658641832946&id=269181913180625&substory_index=0

Since this is a Duggar posting, it means that Duggar fans coming here will see this six months to 2 years out of date to rant and flounce about angrily in the comments. Before all that flouncing commences please read our Duggar Fan Comment Policy first!



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