Quoting Quiverfull: Getting Married is an Accomplishment?

Quoting Quiverfull: Getting Married is an Accomplishment? March 12, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Vaughn Ohlman from Let Them Marry – The Accomplishment of Miss Puffington

Editor’s note: Vaughn is speaking of a Huffington Post writer who is talking about her own engagement and marriage as something to celebrate but not an actual accomplishment. For the record her name is not ‘Miss Puffington’ Your thoughts? Accomplishment or just usual life stage?

There are times when merely having to write an article disproves the very point that you are trying to make in your article.  This article is a perfect example. She is writing an article about a life event. She begins the article by pointing out that, if she hadn’t been engaged, she would have been ‘unable’ to write the article: people would have seen her as writing ‘sour grapes’. So here we have life event that she admits celebrating: that she says was exceptionally special, exciting and celebration worthy. A life even that all of her friends have been asking her about, above and beyond all other questions that they ask. A life event that she admits she couldn’t have even written this article before she had accomplished it…and yet she wants her article to prove that this event is ‘not that important’. That it should pale in the light of all sorts of other events that she isn’t writing about, that her friends didn’t ask her about. Events whose lack didn’t keep her from writing this article.

MIss Puffington has the shoe on the wrong foot, she has the donkey in back of the cart. If she wishes to prove that getting married and having kids isn’t important.. than she wouldn’t be writing about it. She wouldn’t be arguing about it. She wouldn’t be pleading with us to relegate it to the list of minor issues. If it were a non-issue, it would be, well, a non-issue. It wouldn’t need talking about. But despite everything that modern feminism has tried to do basic human nature has reared its ancient head and is whispering in the ear of this author, and everyone who reads her article, “This is important. This is special. This is life altering.”

Christians know that marriage and family are important because our faith tells us so. Our faith has always told us so. But everyone else in the known universe, pretty much every single human that has ever lived, has known it too. It is hard wired. It is instinctive. Its especial importance resides in the gut. Miss Puffington has spent her life, presumably, listening to the feminist and modern nonsense our modern world puts out. She would be well served, at this critical point in her life, to trust her gut.

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