Fundraising For Baptist Teen Home Recovery Event

Fundraising For Baptist Teen Home Recovery Event April 8, 2016
Screen cap from 'The Road to New Bethany'
Screen cap from ‘The Road to New Bethany’

NLQ author and SASBN member Cindy Kunsman is holding a recovery session for survivors of the IFB Teen Homes. Many of the ladies that have been hurt by these IFB homes are still suffering from the abuse done to them as children and could greatly benefit from this event. Sadly many cannot afford to go. Cindy is running a fundraiser to assure than any of them that wants to come to this event can afford to go. Here are Cindy’s words about this fundraiser.

As Kathryn Joyce reported in Horror Stories from Tough Love Teen Homes, thousands of children in the US suffer torture under the guise of Christian ministry at the hands of affiliates of the Independent Fundamental Baptist church network (IFB).  Aimed at both spiritual development and rehabilitation, thousands of parents have relinquished parental rights to their “troubled teens” to these unregulated private religious homes, subjecting their children to abject physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse as well as educational neglect.  Media attention and public pressure now forces these systems to operate in even greater privacy, and several homes have moved to locations outside of the US to continue without public, media, or governmental intrusion.  (The Kidnapped for Christ film also documents these abuses.)


A panel of survivors of the IFB as well as the Hephzibah House and New Bethany homes will meet in for a few days in June and July of 2016 in Dallas, TX to discuss these struggles and what may be done to reach more former inmates with the message of the hope of lifelong recovery.  Sessions will be recorded to reach the many who continue to endure in silence, isolated from healing resources.  Aspiring to overcome the indoctrination of prejudice against peer support and expert care, the materials produced will do much to stem the tide of harm that continues, both through the current operation of these homes as well as the burden carried by those who strive to overcome their past experiences within them.


Financial help is needed, however, to cover the expenses incurred by the speakers who are traveling from across the US to assist in this unique, chance-of-a-lifetime event.  We will be doubling up on affordable accommodations near a gathering of expert therapists, sociologists, ministers, and activists to accomplish this task, but partial financial assistance is needed for the eight lay persons who are banding together for this effort.  The deficit needed for local transportation for the physically challenged, hotel, and meals for the seven individuals who committed to participate has not yet been met.  Please consider contributing to the cause in order to provide a new lifeline of help and hope to them and to all those women who were told that God had discarded them.

If you feel motivated to help out with this important event please visit the IndieGoGo page

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  • We don’t seem to be doing so well with the fundraising. Only myself and one other have contributed thus far. I’m not quite sure how to do this… What am I doing wrong?

    Is it the fact that I persfonally still identify as a Christian, so it is assumed that this is a Christian effort? For people in crisis like this, it’s essential that the effort NOT be religious, save to support the religious choices (for or against) that individuals make as they make sense and then work to find meaning in their past.

    I didn’t include the name of of the organization which is concurrent with this effort that has made us possible to get access to a wide variety of assistance from a secular organization. Do people who succeed at fundraising make a lot of calls and such behind the scenes to pressure people or to try to engage them privately? Having never done this before, I’ll take any tips anyone has.