News: Duggar’s New Show ‘Counting On’ Rumored to be on the Verge of Cancellation?

News: Duggar’s New Show ‘Counting On’ Rumored to be on the Verge of Cancellation? April 4, 2016

newsThere have been a pile of Duggar rumors in the last few weeks, rumors of Jill Duggar Dillard possible pregnancy in Ziki-riddled Central America, of Anna Duggar’s possible pregnancy, of Anna and Josh’s return to one another, the desperation of Jim Bob and Michelle to shoot down all those divorce rumors and that TLC and the Duggars faked the recent episode of their new show featuring Jinger buying and flipping a car. Whew, busy few weeks in Duggar news.

But the one bit of news speculation that does seem like it might be true is the one claiming that The Learning Channel has the Duggar’s new television show ‘Counting On’ on the bubble for cancellation. Turns out that while the ratings are healthy for this show that the advertisers have abandoned the show, leaving it with almost no corporate or commercial sponsors. It’s being reported that the show is filling slots usually containing paid advertisements with ads for their own network’s television shows.

The network made the cynical decision to return this family to the airwaves after losing an estimated 19 million dollars in advertising revenue when they pulled the original Duggar show in the wake of allegations of Josh Duggar molesting minor children.

It’s not just the usual crop of tabloids like the Inquistr saying that the future of the show is in trouble, media outlets like Fox News and the Huffington Post are also reporting on the lack of advertisers. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

And if you’re interested in the show but don’t want to actually increase the Nielsen ratings for viewership then be sure to read the extremely funny and snarky recaps of the episodes at the Facebook group “Duggar Family News: It’s Not All Pickles and Hairspray”

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  • Mel

    The other problem for the show is that there is nothing going on during the episodes.

    One episode that I caught part of had the following plot: Jessa wants more light in the bedroom so she wants can lights installed. Assorted Duggars including Jana come over with a friend of the family. Can lights are installed. (Don’t think this means that they show enough detail of putting the lights in that you could do this at home. The only part they show in detail is finding studs and cutting a hole and having a bunch of crap fall out.)

    The show reminds me a bit of another show I like – Alaska: The Last Frontier. The big differences are that 1) the daily things the Kiltcher family does on their homestead is genuinely different than the average US suburban family does and 2) the people in the family have skills like hunting, running a CSA, raising beef cows, and being involved in the local cattleman’s association.

  • Astrin Ymris

    That’s the main problem: The Duggars’ mainstream appeal was based on their being an unusual but devout family. Now that they’ve been outed as whited sepulchers, they’re just members of a creepy cult with a repellent indifference to the victims of child molestation. Corporations might not care; they have no souls. But they don’t dare offend the majority of their customers.

    Now the question is: Can they find enough support from their “base” to crowdfund the show? While paying Jim Bob the cushy 2 million dollars per epi that he’s come to expect, of course. I can’t imagine even David Green is willing to tie Hobby Lobby’s brand to the Duggars. Or that Phil Robertson would be willing to buy advertising time on the Duggars when he’s got his own show for free advertising.

  • BCH

    May the show die the ignoble death it so richly deserves.

  • Portia McGonagal

    Ratings count but advertising $$ is everything. I can’t imagine why any company that cares about their brand would want to be associated w/ the show.

  • Danielle Burns

    There is nothing to watch on it .Who wants to watch a bunch of unemployed adult children building a treehouse to pass the time in-between the nothing they do all day .

  • Allison the Great

    Make it about Jana leaving, starting a life on her own and discussing the weirdness. That would get some advertisers.

  • According to Jim Bob, it’s possible to feed, clothe & house a jillion children on one man’s salary without going into debt or taking hand-outs, so it’s not that great of a loss for them 😉

  • Aloha

    This is what I find depressing. These 3 under-educated, under-employed adults … encouraged to contract early marriages to likewise under-educated, under-employed spouses, then have a rush of babies with no means to control it.

    I think it was kind of cute just to see the super-large Duggar clan managing to get by with their unconventional lifestyle. However, the consequences of their strange Christian beliefs are now coming to the forefront.

  • Aloha

    So Jana, how’s it feel to wear pants? How’s it feel to get a buzz hair-cut, a nose ring, and a butt tattoo? What did you feel like when you spent Sunday morning washing your car and listening to Heavy Metal?

    That could be fun, but we’d have to convince Jana …

  • rob11751

    wouldn’t matter public is sick of them all, we already know they are weird, they all need to disappear for good

  • Astrin Ymris

    It’s amazing how much of rightwingers vaunted self-reliance rests on 1) Government grants and subsidies, 2) crowdfunding AKA panhandling, or 3) stealing from the public like the Bundy Bunch. Or in the case of the Duggars, insisting that it’s their constitutional right to have a high-paying reality TV show.

  • Lana

    So why didn’t the network check with their advertisers first? NO telling what they hd to pay their camera producers and the duggars already.

  • Children are chattel, so it’s Jim Bob’s right to pimp them out for cash

  • They’ve done a few episodes showing kids getting free from the FLDS cult

  • In other words, they were fun to watch as a freak show, just like the dwarf shows

  • B.A.

    People who have dwarfism are NOT freaks. And they preferred to be known as little people.

  • I know, but why do you think they are on television? All those shows are modern versions of freak shows. So are the huge family shows.

  • Emersonian

    I would disagree with this. I think shows like Little People, Big World are actually the opposite of old time freak shows, which often removed the person with the physical difference into an exoticized fake “otherness”–“the Wild Men of Borneo,” who were actually two brothers from Ohio with dwarfism, for instance. A show like LIttle People Big World is showing the absolute everyday normalcy of being a little person (and by extension, many other types of physical challenges) trying to live in a world that is not sized or suited to their abilities. The Duggars’ show is problematic in that while it strives to say “look, we’re just normal ordinary folks who happen to not believe in birth control,” the result has been a reveal of the fact that they and their religious movement are anything but normal and ordinary. I still wouldn’t call it a freak show, but I’d certainly call the desire to watch it a type of voyeurism, which is its own brand of icky.

  • persephone


    Just wanted to let you know that I saw a QF family on House Hunters International, Josh and Sarah Brown.

    At the time of the show, they were looking for a rental in Italy and had nine kids. Now they’re up to ten.

    Sarah had the total QF physical affect: soft voice, glazed over eyes, long hair. But they let the girls wear pants and play outside.

  • Astrin Ymris

    No, I’d say ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ was intended to be a freak show. I watched an early episode on YouTube, and it was clear from the editing that we were being invited to point our fingers and laugh at pageant moms. I think no one was more surprised than TLC that so many fans took it seriously and loved it.

    No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

  • BlueVibe

    Please please please please please let it be canceled. The advertisements for it alone are mind-numbing.

  • From wikipedia: A freak show is an exhibition of biological rarities, referred to as “freaks of nature”.

  • texassa

    No means to control it!? WHY do you think they’re fighting so hard for these reality TV spinoffs? Reality TV is the family business! These kids aren’t un- or under-employed; they’re second-generation family business practitioners! Pish posh!

  • texassa

    Days before the Josh Scandal Part One hit the fan, the Duggars did an interview with one of the primetime network shows. It was at their home and everyone was present – even Josh and Anna in from DC. The way they teased future relationships (“stay tuned!”) and spoke about themselves was so bizarre. That was around the same time they made a commercial out of Josiah’s new girlfriend. Like an actual commercial. I knew the show had “jumped the shark.” It’s going down swinging, for sure, but it’s going down. The spiral has begun.

  • texassa

    You forgot: Ben standing by not knowing how to help and then sweeping up one dust pan’s worth of ceiling debris.