News: Possible ‘Tell All’ Book Being Shopped About The Duggar Family?

News: Possible ‘Tell All’ Book Being Shopped About The Duggar Family? April 22, 2016

newsThis week’s In Touch Weekly print edition has several more articles about the Duggars that aren’t on their website. Earlier in the week we posted about Jill Duggar Dillard’s midwife trainer being embroiled in a possible lawsuit over a botched delivery from the In Touch website. But two other stories in the print version are not up on the website.

First, there’s a lengthy article alleging there was a possible payoff of the non-related victim of Josh Duggar’s teenage molestation scandal. Apparently Jim Bob and Michelle summoned the parents of this victim to a meeting and insisted they prevent her from speaking out or suing over the abuse. Locals say that the victim was blamed in church by church leadership through the years for tempting Josh. Yes,  she was victim-blamed and hurt through the years. Locals are also saying now that the victim has a nearly new car and that Jim Bob is known for ‘helping’ people in exchange for some action. It’s looking like some possible pay off occurred to buy her silence. It is alleged Jim Bob Duggar holds a great deal of power in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Guess that the Duggars learned something from their mishandling of the Danica Dillon law suit. Better to use money to make it go away.

Almost as an aside towards the end of the article comes allegations that the New York publishing world is interested in a tell all book on the Duggars written by a local. No word on who this might be, or even if it’s more than wishful thinking, but the article ends with this telling quote from another ‘unnamed Duggar insider’ – “a lot of people in their own community, in their own town, are upset with them now and look at them differently. The Duggars have angered a lot of people.”

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