Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Homeschooling? Who Needs Stinkin’ Edumakashun?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Homeschooling? Who Needs Stinkin’ Edumakashun? April 27, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Homeschooling High Schoolers

Editor’s note: In this toxic nugget Michael goes on to disparage any type of formal schooling, trying to say it leads to weak effeminate boys. It’s pretty clear that he’s either never been in a public or private school, or if he has it’s been a very long time and must have taken place in some impoverished school district filled with disadvantaged kids from some awful situation, like perhaps the kids of coal miners in a small rural area where ill health is rampant. This is simply untrue in the majority of schools.

There’s nothing wrong with homeschooling, but there’s a great deal wrong with the type of homeschooling Mr. Pearl is preaching. His words are appalling on every level! His rant about being owed a good job, medical care and retirement sounds much like the rants of those I used to attend church with that had no education and could not get a decent job, subsisting on the fringes of life without much money. Jealousy perhaps?

H.G. Wells, a noted humanist and historian, wrote in his The Outline of History concerning the schools of Alexandria, Egypt, between the second and seventh centuries AD:

“Wisdom passed away from Alexandria and left pedantry [pretentious display of knowledge] behind. For the use of books was substituted the worship of books. Very speedily the learned became a specialized queer class with unpleasant characteristics of its own. The Museum had existed for half a dozen generations before Alexandria was familiar with a new type of human being: shy, eccentric, unpracticed, incapable of essentials, strangely fierce upon trivialities of literary detail, as bitterly jealous of the colleague within as of the unlearned without—the Scholarly Man. He was as intolerant as a priest, though he had no cave. For him no method of copying was sufficiently tedious and no rare book sufficiently inaccessible. He was a sort of by-product of the intellectual process of mankind. For many precious generations the new-lit fires of the human intelligence were to be seriously banked down by this by-product.”

I have observed the product of America’s modern counterpart to the Alexandrian school. Their frail bodies, white with the tan of florescent lights, shoulders humped, eyes squinted, poor complexion from the junk food consumed between lessons, stumble from their classrooms to stand in line for the next culturally preordained phase of life. Their mentality is that since they have given themselves to the system, the system owes them a good job, good wages, medical coverage, fair play, protection, entertainment, a vacation, retirement, old-age convalescence, and a proper burial. God save us from being average. I don’t want to be a part. I don’t want to rear children to be a cog in this wheel.

Part 1

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  • SAO

    Most people don’t stumble from one phase of life, stand in line for another and act like cogs in a machine and expect to be rewarded. They work for their jobs, vacations, retirement, etc. They work for them by having a grasp of the reality of life in 21st century America. It’s Michael who is constantly telling people they will be rewarded if they ignore reality and follow his example.

    BTW, If he understood math, he’d realize that,by definition, most people are average.

  • Nea

    “I will quote an educated science fiction author from a century ago complaining about scholar men a millennia ago in order to prove that education makes men gay queer, dependent, whiny, and passive and consider that far more compelling than abundant evidence that education makes scientists, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, and professors. These are bad things to be.

    Oh, and do kindly forget that last week I *promised* that homeschooled kids would grow up to be exactly those kinds of educated professionals and innovators who hired or took care of the secular kids. Or that I appeal to every authority I can twist to agree with me. Besides, my boys hunt, and that’s so much more manly! A far better family provider than being able to hold some wussy job, don’t you agree.”

  • Saraquill

    I’ll take formal schooling over incessant beatings any day. I’m sure the former has a more positive impact on growing minds.

  • Mel

    Most rural districts in Michigan take November 15th off for the first day of regular firearm deer season. Believe me, I’ve known plenty of public school boys who could give Mikey a run for his money in terms of manliness. They would also know to field-dress rabbits…..

  • Mel

    He still hasn’t answered the question about how to homeschool kids aged 14-18.

  • Nea

    He’s explaining why schooling is a bad concept in general, apparently including any formalized version of homeschooling.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Re: “… I don’t want to rear children to be a cog in this wheel…”

    No, because Michael wants them all to remain cogs in his wheel, even after they grow up.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Who needs math when they don’t have much to calculate or add up the total amount of? Mikey probably can get by using his fingers and toes to balance his checkbook but if he needs more Debi has fingers and toes at his disposal. 😛

    I stand in line at the DMV, or when out getting lunch there’s usually a line to pay/pick up what you ordered. I only stumble when I don’t notice a random step down or a curb. 😉

  • KarenJo12

    “White with the tan of fluorescent lights.” What does that mean? That isn’t a sentence or phrase conveying information to readers, that’s a scrap of rock lyrics written while stoned.

  • Victoria

    What college is he going to to find these zombie troglodyte professors? A vast majority of the professors I have ever encountered have been really interesting people with lots of life experience. Also, most of them are really into eating healthy… I would even consider the majority of them fairly fit (though maybe that was the emphasis on environmentalism common in my field of study).
    Also, they work A LOT, and are highly specialized and trained in their fields. The countless hours they put in makes them over-worked and under-paid, so I would not consider adequate wages and medical coverage a stretch…
    I think Ol’ Mikey just has a bad case of toxic masculinity.

  • Julia Childress

    Right, Mikey. One of my “cogs” may be the pharmacist who answers your medical questions (for free, by the way), and informs you that your new prescription should not be taken with something else you’re already taking. One of my other “cogs” might be the guy who makes your computer and internet come alive when you flip the switch. I wonder if the Pearl homeschool wonders can do the same?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    “Zombie Troglodyte Professors” sounds like a good name for a rock band!

  • Hannah

    Imma gonna steal that and write a song, though not while stoned, (sorry) unless you can be stoned after eating vast amounts of chocolate. 😀

  • Nea

    One of my college professors – the kind of guy who rushed to Granada because we were invading it at the time – started a lecture by putting a torn poster on the lectern. I couldn’t read any of the German …except “Heil Hitler.”

    He shuffled his notes, got into place, then gestured at the poster, which we were staring at in frozen confusion, and said in his accented voice: “This says “Enemies of the fatherland do not salute ‘Heil Hitler.” A pause, then he added casually, “I ripped it off the wall.”

    Mikey likes to pat himself on the back for bravery and diss quiet, intellectual men. He’d wet himself in freakin’ terror at living 15 minutes of that quiet, thoughtful professor’s life.

  • Jenna

    As someone who chose to homeschool her daughter because she just wasn’t going to get the education she needed in a classroom… It burns me up that people like this are the face of homeschooling.

  • Nea

    If it helps at all, Michael Pearl in particular is virulently anti-education. It becomes more obvious in the next part, but he’s also talked about how hard college was… because it asked him to think critically and that was just too much to ask of him.

  • BridgetD

    I’m a total klutz, so I stumble a bit more than average…and as a matter of fact, I just stumbled over one of my dog’s toys, lol.

  • BridgetD

    I’ve had some good professors and some bad professors, but that’s another level of “awesome” entirely, lol.

    Edit: Most of my professors have been female, probably since I’m in a field that is over 80% female (education). But, I went to a reading required by my creative writing class last Thursday. The man who was speaking that day read sections from his poetry and a memoir based off of his travels in Asia (not sure when this particular trip was, apparently he travels quite often since his colleague heckled him for it during Q&A). Basically the section of that book he read put him in Syria and Lebanon. He ended up getting shot at then searched by a Lebanese regiment while on a walk, carrying no press pass but he sure had a stamped passport and a few Syrian trinkets on him O.o.

  • ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones

    Pearl-world logic might say private stumbling doesn’t count, has to be a publicly witnessed event, so Mikey can pull his “Best and most manly Christian” schtick after

  • BridgetD

    I do plenty of that too :P.

  • BridgetD

    Those “cogs” are a wide variety of professionals. Doctors who care for you when you get sick or injured. Lawyers who save your sleazy butt when you’re facing legal trouble for inciting abuse. Scientists who develop the technology you use to spew your toxic sludge. And so on and so forth.

    It doesn’t really matter that I’m getting my bachelor’s degree, since my field is in that oh-so-useless subject (according to Mike) of elementary and special education, and anyway, I’m a woman. According to Mike’s worldview, I should already be married with a couple of kids, probably expecting another one right now, since my uterus is all I’m good for, right? (Ugh, I could barely type that). Anyway, my dad already has a bachelor’s degree, and particularly given that he was an art major (plus about a million other reasons), he’s probably someone that Michael Pearl would sneer at. But, I can about guarantee that he’s infinitely better at being a father than Mike. He’s not a perfect dad (and who is?), but he’s the most loving and family-oriented guy I know.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    It could also be an Aurelio Voltaire song.

  • Mermaid Warrior

    It sounds like something shitty writers write when they’re trying to sound good.

  • Poster Girl

    Hmm. Guess he’s unaware that there are states where physical education is required by law? Or that kids do a lot of talking and interacting with each other?

    I’m a teacher, and one of the best parts of my job is when the classroom is bustling with activity. Even during a lecture, one of the more boring ways to deliver instruction, there is a lot of back and forth, questions, discussion. No stooped shoulders.

    And based on the social media postings of fundies, he has a lot of nerve to be accusing those of us in public schools of peddling junk food. These people post “recipes” whose ingredients include Jell-O, Cool Whip, instant pudding, Ritz crackers, tater tots, “taco spice mix,” and lord knows what else.

    And as other commenters have pointed out, a lot of those “cogs in the wheel” make the Pearls’ lives possible: computer programmers, book publishers and editors, engineers, healthcare providers. If everyone went to the homeschool/unschool/no college model, none of those professions would exist in their current form. But maybe Mike is okay with returning to the days of bloodletting and laudanum.

  • Aimee Shulman

    So does Michael NOT think that anyone deserves protection (be it legal or be it from violence) or a proper burial? Because those are really weird things for someone to get offended by others’ thinking they should get them.

  • pl1224

    It does, doesn’t it? And I can sing and play keyboards! (If only I weren’t pushing 70.) 😉

  • According to Pearl, I should probably already be dead and forgotten since I haven’t been able to even manage getting pregnant, much less carrying a child to term or homeschooling said child.

    And in any event, I can boast at least… one… two, three… four… five educators in my direct lineage, including my step-father and not counting various aunts/uncles because I’m not sure about them… maybe six. Dad’s father was a professor of Geology at BYU, Dad’s mom was a high school Home Ec teacher. Mom’s father was a high school science teacher, Mom’s mom was a college French professor and that doesn’t even get into the OTHER stuff she did for education. Dad was a professor of Geology at Notre Dame. Step-father was a professor of Political Science. Mom is a Librarian and an Archivist. I think one of Dad’s sisters, at least, is a teacher of some sort and I’m fairly certain that Mom’s sister might be as well.

    So yeah. Education and learning are a Family Tradition. I pretty well should not exist according to Pearl, who can kiss my lily white ass for all I give a shit about his judgments. (Pardon the language, feeling like hell right now and it’s making my word choice a bit colorful.)

  • If one can, though, given my other biochemical issues I might be tempted to try. I love chocolate more than is good for me, I think.

  • Victoria

    Exactly. I had a professor who got arrested by the Chinese government for sneaking into Tibet, one who helped rescue child soldiers in Uganda, and many others who did pretty amazing things and lived to tell about it. I don’t have much respect for Mikey, because you’re right, he would piss himself if faced with most of those situations .