Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Men Must Be Forced into Men’s Roles in the Church?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Men Must Be Forced into Men’s Roles in the Church? April 30, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Jason Allen from The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – 5 Key Ways to Cultivating Biblical Manhood in Your Church

Editor’s note: This all boils down to ‘we are penis possessors so we MUST rule’ I think it’s going to take more than these proposals to make men take more active roles in church leadership. That’s without even considering the idea of complementarism.

There is a defined role of leadership, authority, and protection men in the church must play. For them, and their roles, there is no substitute. When they are absent from the call of duty, disaster follows. That is why the church must work to strengthen its men and seek to cultivate biblical manhood within the congregation. Consider five proposals toward that end.

Five Proposals to Cultivate Biblical Manhood in our Churches

First, as preachers, we must speak consistently and confidently about the beauty of complementarity. We should hold biblical complementarianism high with confidence. We must not make light of, or be embarrassed by, Scripture’s clear teaching. We must not denigrate the importance of this truth or of its application in the church. We undermine both when we make light of complementarity.

Second, as preachers, we must be committed to preaching the text of Scripture—whatever it calls us to say—and preaching it with authority. Men need an authoritative word. Weak preaching makes weak men. Small preaching never moves men to great commitment.

Men long for a higher calling. They need a higher purpose. Our hearts leap within us when we see exhibitions of courage, when we hear tales of heroism, when we witness valiant sacrifice. Give men a grander vision for their life, one marked by service, leadership, and devotion to great and noble ends in the Kingdom of Christ.

Third, as preachers, we must maintain clarity in our churches in relation to gender roles. This clarity should accompany both form and function. Do not contort God’s Word by playing word games with titles. If the function is pastoral, calling a person “director” instead of “minister” does not alleviate the error.

As to forms and functions, we must be clear about what men must do. Biblical complementarity is not fundamentally about what opportunities women must forgo, but what responsibilities men must take up.

Fourth, as preachers, let us cultivate gender distinction at all ages. As a child, my home church utilized Royal Ambassadors as discipleship curriculum for young boys and Girls in Action for young girls. RAs and GAs, as they came to be known, have largely given way to other—and often better—modes of children’s activities and discipleship. But I do miss the gender distinction they fostered, through their camaraderie and activities. Distinction does not necessarily mean segregation, but we must be intentional, even at the youngest of ages, to cultivate and channel boys into men and girls into women. After all, as Jesus said, “Have you not heard, God made them male and female?”

Fifth, as preachers, we must intentionally enlist, equip, and empower men into leadership roles in our churches. Biblically, theologically, and logically, the indispensable ingredient to complementarianism is biblical manhood. One of the recurring arguments that undermines male leadership in the church is the absence of biblically-qualified male leaders. Let us determine to make the red herring, “What if there is no man to lead or preach?” an extinct species.

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