Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 – Beat Your Lying Liar Child?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 – Beat Your Lying Liar Child? April 8, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – The Selfishness of a Tender Heart

Editor’s note: Notice that the words spanking or a little switching never appeared anywhere in this piece. Only the Pearl euphemisms that mean the same thing – training and discipline. I suspect that he rarely uses the correct words for his type of toxic discipline because of some of his followers like the Schatzs and the Williams. Protect the brand and revenue stream above all else no matter what their advice is doing to the children of their followers.

This story didn’t end when the mother hastily rushed her children out of the house, away from the incriminating stare of the meditator (word made up by Pearl) become denunciator (also not an actual word). The next day she called with a broken heart. She is a devoted mother who truly desires what is best for her children. When she had time to get out from under the pressure of her feelings, she judged justly.

It is not too late for Johnny to break the lying habit, but when you wait until they are six-years-old to institute integrity, you have ingrained a character flaw that they will have to struggle against the rest of their lives. It is never too late to repent, but if we train them right, there will be areas in which they will never need to repent. It is better to train your child so that their energies can be applied to creatively serving God rather that struggling with their own weaknesses. One who spends his whole life trying to keep his head above water will never be involved in saving others. We want our children to be moral doctors not moral patients.

Get tough, Mama.

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  • Saraquill

    You’re right Pearl, I will get tough. I’ll continue to denounce you every which way, and destroy what shreds of credibility you have left. If you get anywhere near me and mine, I will give you the boot. If that’s not enough, I will send reinforcements and quite possibly the law on you for trespassing and harassment. Should I find you harassing a third party, I will insert myself between you and them, documenting your abuses and turning evidence to the police and those who will listen.

  • SAO

    So, if the family was visiting the house of the meditator (which Dictionary.com thinks is a word, as it does Denunciator) the mother might be upset that her kids annoyed someone in the host’s family and had to leave, but she was letting the kids run around like hooligans. And since Johnny is 6, she’s had a good 4 years of experience in how kids will behave when given nothing to do and little supervision.

    Blaming the situation on Johnny is completely unfair.

  • Astrin Ymris

    I see Michael has mastered the use of the dog whistle.

    Of course, it works because of his existing reputation. Should he achieve his goal of completely outdistancing his own past PR, new readers will be left scratching their heads asking, “So… what am I supposed to do in this situation? This guy talks a lot about what you shouldn’t do, but he never actually explains what he thinks you should do instead. Ah, the hell with this… let’s look at the next Google result.”

    This is especially the case when it comes to lying. If you spank kids, you create an incentive to lie– the desire to avoid the spanking. The possibility of getting off if you lie means that it’s intermittently reinforced– which makes it almost impossible to extinguish.

  • Astrin Ymris

    That assumes that ANYTHING about this little scenario ever occurred outside of Michael’s imagination. Or if it did, that Michael hasn’t changed the details to coincide with the ideology he wanted to push.

  • Nea

    He can’t outdistance his old PR while his books are in print. He may not be smart enough to realize that, or may be hoping that if his easily-citeable web pages are vague, he can complain that any accurate quote from his books is “taken out of context.”

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    did not use Dictionary.com, but only ‘meditate’ kept coming up. Spellchecker also doesn’t think it’s a word.

  • Astrin Ymris

    That’s undoubtedly true.

    Of course, it’s also true that he tells his followers to make religious extremism fun, while simultaneously avoiding worldly contamination, without giving any practical guidance for how this is to be achieved. Therefore, if any kids “jump ship” he can self-righteously blame the parents for not having followed his advice.