Quoting Quiverfull: Women Are Not Men and Should Not Be Heroes?

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Are Not Men and Should Not Be Heroes? April 25, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Jake Mentzel of Clearnote Church and WarhornMedia.com at Bayly Blog – Warhorn Media.com

Editor’s note: At first glance this piece looked like the usual cross promotion of another another ministry.With the name ‘Warhorn’ is sounds like someone is trying to cash in on the vogue of things like ‘Beowulf,’ ‘Black Sails,’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ of manly men and hoary battle stories to prove what manly men they are. They are, but they are also claiming that women should never be warriors themselves. Bear with me but there will be three separate quotes today. The first from Bayly blog pointing out the obvious, that men and women are different, the second from the article they are referencing that says women should never be heroes or warriors even in fiction and lastly, a comment from the Bayly blog so misogynist it could have been written by Larry Solomon

From Bayly blog:

We’ve sort of been through the wringer recently over an article by one Nathan Alberson. Baylyblog readers probably won’t find anything unusual about it—it’s just pointing out the obvious fact that men are not women and women aren’t men. Except for the part where it takes aim at some of the most beloved idols of our culture—our gods, our superheroes. Literally, superheroes. Or, rather, superheroines. And Star Wars.

Nathan’s “An Open Letter to Rey from Star Wars” has gone viral and has been viewed more than 100,000 times. Go see why. And then, if you have the inclination, give ol’ Nathan a hug for sticking his neck out far enough for the world to want to slice through his “mansplaining neckbeard” while managing to unironically accuse him of being the equivalent of an ISIS terrorist.

From the article cited in the above quote:

Dear Rey from Star Wars,

Also Princess Leia. And Wonder Woman. And Sarah Connor and Trinity and Imperator Furiosa and Beatrix Kiddo and Black Widow and Katniss Everdeen and River Tam and Gamora. And Feminist Elf-Kate from The Hobbit. And every character undertaken to help pay Milla Jovovich’s mortgage. And the godmother of them all, Ellen Ripley. If you are an empowered fictional female warrior type, this is a letter to you.

Let me start by saying I have enjoyed many of the movies that you ladies have been in. I hope you won’t think I’m being patronizing if I say you are all beautiful, talented, intelligent flowers of your respective civilizations. My hat is off to all of you. It really is. And as a sworn gentleman, I’m loath to cause you any pain or embarrassment. In fact, if I may be so bold, I’d like to save you from pain or embarrassment.

So you see the pickle I’m in. I feel a bit like it’s my job to tell you your slip is showing. Or like I’m one of those knights in those paintings where the knight is rescuing the, uh, rather unclothed lady who is tied to a tree. True chivalry demands action in both those cases, but you can’t do it without causing the lady in question a little of the old p. and e.

In any case, it’s going to seem like I’m being hard on you all, but I’m only doing it because I care about you. And I hope if you read through to the end you’ll see that I’m actually being much harder on myself and other men.

So let’s talk.

I know the whole world is ladling on the adoration for your brave contributions to modern womanhood. However, you are behaving, all of you, in ways that do not befit your sex or glorify God. Frankly, and I’m sorry to have to say this, I really am, many of you look ridiculous. Your friends and family and fans may not laugh at you. But the angels do and history will. What you’re doing might be good politics (of a sort), but it’s bad biology, bad theology, and bad storytelling. It lies about who you are as a woman and how God made you. And it makes for lousy movies and TV.

Quote from Bayly Blog from Joel:

“It’s not the weakness of men that has brought us to this point, unless it is the unwillingness to rebuke women for their rebellion. Rather it is the weakness of women – their susceptibility to flattery. Politicians get votes from women and corporations get dollars from women by generating the pretense that women can be just like men, and the great mass of women buy into it. By and large, women aren’t passively submitting to evil men who deceive them; they’re actively rebelling against God’s created order, and evil men take advantage of that.
The letter does hit the mark in that we need more fathers and husbands saying, “No, you’re not allowed to do that.”
Scary that these men think they have so many rights of control over grown women. The entitlement is just mind-boggling. What do you think?
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