NLQ Question of the Week – Why All the Angst Over Female Bodies?

NLQ Question of the Week – Why All the Angst Over Female Bodies? May 5, 2016

QuestionoftheweekThis is a new series we have started running on Thursdays. Examining some of the questions involving long held Quiverfull theology and life.

Just the swallows return to Capistrano every St. Joseph’s Day in the spring, the advent of Bikini Season brings a sudden rise in the many blog posts and articles in Quiverfull/Evangelical/Fundamentalism decrying all the immodesty of this world defrauding boys of their innocence and hysterical fear mongering over pornography. Cries of ‘Keep Our Boys PURE!’ are not just uttered in the movie ‘The Music Man’ but from every internet bully pulpit.

But just like Professor Harold Hill inciting fear in the populace of River City, Iowa, these cultural enforcers churn out dire warnings of the breakdown of civilization if anyone views a bare thigh or swell of a breast. While none of them is trying to sell instruments for a boys band they have the same aim as Hill in the fact that they trying to control a people group through fear.

We go trouble my friends, right here in River City!

I haven’t even started to read through the slush pile of modesty and defrauding by skimpily dressed young ladies yet, but we’re starting to see the drum beat of the horrors of porn. Remember yesterday when someone tried to claim that viewing porn turns children into both sexual predators and victims of sexual abuse?

Today I saw this, from the same source on Facebook, the daughter of a former friend who must have issues with modesty and porn because she posts a lot of these things. Yes, she’s fully quiverfull. This is from the site ‘Covenant Eyes’ – A Tale of Two Sons. The piece has two very fake sounding stories about one boy being taken down by secret porn viewing and another that confides in his father how stupid his friends are for engaging in pornography viewing.

Counter the Cultural Norm

Who do you want your son or grandson or daughter or granddaughter to be? Do you want your son to be the one who is comparing porn notes with his friends? Do you want your daughter to be the one sending sexts or watching porn herself? Do you want the FBI knocking on your door because your son stumbled into child pornography? Or do you want a courageous son or daughter, who can stand in a world awash in porn and say, “I know my Savior has a plan for me, and I will protect my purity because it matters to God, it matters to me, it matters to a world that is enslaved, and it will matter to my future spouse and children.”

Friends, this is our time! Google is relentlessly providing answers to our kids’ tough questions. It’s up to courageous and persistent parents, like you, to counter the cultural narrative that porn is the norm. You can do it!

Rabbit hole: Every time I view the site ‘Covenant Eyes’ I find myself starting to sing John Fred and the Playboy’s hit song from 1967 – ‘Judy in Disguise’ but with new lyrics – “Covenant eyes, better close those thighs, prudes in disguise… with asses..”

So all of this leads to the question. Why keep kids so sheltered from societal norms of sexuality like this? What is driving this hyper purity culture? Are they afraid that once kids discover that sex is the most fun you can have without laughing that they’ll start to question everything their parents have taught them?

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