Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Biblical Marriage is not State Marriage

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – Biblical Marriage is not State Marriage May 30, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Excerpt from ‘The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage’

Editor’s note: So here Michael is trying to explain if you state that you are marrying and pray over it then it’s just as valid a marriage as those performed with those pesky government-controlled state licenses. But have conjugal relations without that statement of covenant to marry and it’s mere fornication. Sorry Mike, no marriage license and it’s not legally a marriage no matter how you wave your Bible around.

The Difference between Fornication and Marriage

A sexual relationship without making a binding public commitment is not marriage.
It does join two people into a one-flesh union, but it is still fornication. When Jesus confronted the woman at the well, he declared, “For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband . . .” (John 4:18). He made a distinction between being married—probably divorced and remarried several times—and just shacking up. Apparently the woman was in a relationship with a man to whom she had not made a public commitment. In an era when common law marriages were common, if you had asked the people in the city if the woman was married, they would have said, “No, but she is living with a man right now.” The woman had reached that point in a troubled life filled with disappointment where she did not want to make a binding commitment to any man—at least not to this one, so she enjoyed the benefits of a man without assuming responsibility for a lasting marriage union. That is fornication, and it is an ongoing sin, remedied only by ceasing the relationship or entering into a public convenant.(sic – typo from the book)

There was a time when the constraints of the church and the community guaranteed permanent recognition of a marriage. All that was needed was for the minister to pronounce them husband and wife and for them or their parents to record it in the family Bible. But due to the loss of community and the complexities of the legal structure, it is not that simple today. So apart from a signed marriage licence provided by the state, the best safeguard to assure your rights as a spouse is a signed covenant of marriage drawn up by an attorney and filed at the courthouse.

Your state may not recognize what they call “common law marriage,” but then we shouldn’t recognize their outlaw marriages either. If a private covenant spells out legal responsibilities and privileges, property sharing, children, etc., it must be honored as a legal contract if not as a marriage. After all, the courts do recognize and honor prenuptial agreements or business partnerships. You don’t need a government license to enter holy matrimony, but with the possibility of adverse circumstances arising, you may need a contract to navigate the complexities of marriage in a world controlled by the courts.

Part 1

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  • SAO

    So, according to Michael, the vast majority of married Americans are not actually married.

  • Nea

    Of course not. They didn’t do it his way.

  • Nea

    But due to the loss of community, much larger social groups, the incredible amount of abuse potential in being able to either strike a living person out or refuse to write a legal marriage because the owner of the Bible disagreed with them and the complexities of the legal structure, it is not that simple today.

    Fixed it for ya, Mikey.

    You don’t need a government license to enter holy matrimony, but with
    the possibility of adverse circumstances arising, you may need a contract to navigate the complexities of marriage

    Sooo… a marriage contract is an evil contract you must NEVER EVER obtain, but other legal documents are necessary, even if necessary evils. That’s a high level of WTFery even by Mikey’s wildly inconsistent standards. I suppose that once he’s gotten people to tamely accept that caning children as “training” totally isn’t hitting children or even spanking, then he seriously thinks that any illogical bullshit will sound rational.

    Also, hate to break it to him, but 1) the state enforces all that other stuff and 2) gay people got those documents all the time when they weren’t allowed to legally marry BECAUSE they weren’t allowed to legally marry.

    Sooooo, one legal document among many is the scapegoat because gummint/gay people can get that one legal document, but gay people getting all the other associated legal documents doesn’t taint those documents ever. All righty then.

    And even if that made complete sense, there are a lot of stories of gay/lesbian couples who could produce that documentation and it was still not enforced, so Mikey’s smug belief that he’s covered all the bases still doesn’t hold up legal scrutiny.

  • guest

    Well, yes, Michael, things have become more complicated and “formal”. Nowadays, a priest or a pastor will pronounce the couple man and wife, and then they will sign the papers for the government. And why not? It only seems right to abide by the law of the land.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Getting a government-recognized marriage license and filing the secular paperwork is making a public commitment. Getting married by a self-anointed pastor “off the books” to protest Marriage Equality isn’t.

  • Friend

    So basically he is reinventing gay marriage for straight people, due to his abhorrence of gay marriage.

  • Nea

    Pretty much.

  • Aimee Shulman

    Funny how the Bible passages that talk about “honor the king” and “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” (i.e. respect public authorities and the law) are not even on Mikey’s radar despite his claims to be some kind of Biblical expert. He thinks that HE and HIS preferences and HIS decisions should take precedence over any silly old law, or silly old preference or decision (or Scriptural interpretation!) made by anyone else. And this is the man who claims that OTHER people try to set themselves up in God’s place.