Fundraiser – James Swift Author of ‘Rusted Rhinestones’

Fundraiser – James Swift Author of ‘Rusted Rhinestones’ June 15, 2016

jamesPutting a link here for the author of the book ‘Rusted Rhinestones’ James Swift. Swift was forcibly taken as a young teen to one of Mack Ford’s ‘Pray The Gay Away’ camps, beaten, abused, sodomized at the boys camp near Monroe, Louisiana. Yes, where he was is part of the whole New Bethany mess, one of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church troubled teens camps where children were abused in some of the sickest ways possible.

If you haven’t read James’ book you should. It’s a great quick read – ‘Rusted Rhinestones’

Recently James and his brother lost their home due to a fire and are trying to rebuild their lives. If you feel moved to help here is their Go Fund Me page. He’s a sweetheart, a really nice man that’s risen above what was done to him by Mack Ford and crew and has suffered significant harm from the homophobic IFB members and others through the years.


This GoFundMe Me Campaign is being set-up on behalf of James and his brother David Swift and their three dogs Jewel, Coco and Ruby. On June 10th, 2016 they tragically lost their home and nearly all of their belongings to a house fire.  They literally now only have the clothes they were wearing when they had to escape the burning house.  This was a tragic accident due to a power surge when the electricity was coming back on after a temporary power outage.  They were home at the time and had no idea what was about to happen.  Being that the power was out at the time when the electricity came back on there was apparently a power surge setting the fire in the back of their home.  James remembers hearing a loud bang then shortly after smelling smoke.  He went into panic/survival mode and woke his brother (he works nights so thank God James was home at the time) and gathered their beloved pups and exited the house which was by then filling with dark, black smoke, and flames.  There wasn’t time to gather anything else.  The fire department came and put out the fire.  David suffered mild smoke inhalation but is doing fine at this time.

As it is quite a blessing that they were able to get themselves out in time as well as their beloved dogs this is now where the story begins.  James and his brother lost everything today.  They quite literally have only the clothes they were wearing at the time.  They will be needing just about everything.

James is a survivor and has gone through things in his life that would have surely broken many others.  He is a sufferer of PTSD and even his medication burned.  He is known to many who love him as one of the most kind-hearted, giving souls you would ever know.  He has fought for those who cannot fight for themselves and has oftentimes gone without so that a total stranger would not have to suffer.  He is beloved by many and would be the first in line to help ANYONE who would suffer this great loss.  He has a huge online family of people who have gotten to know his heart and who he truly is that he lovingly calls his “online family.” As his friend, I ask those of you who love James to reach out to him and help him at this terribly sad time in he and his Brother David’s life.  Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated more than words can ever express.

I love James like a brother and I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times he’s been there for me.  What has happened is such a tragedy.  All I can do is reach out to you all who love James and David to help them get back on their feet.  Please help.


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