Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4 – Pornographers and Queers Want to Molest Your Children?

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 4 – Pornographers and Queers Want to Molest Your Children? June 20, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Rebekah Pearl Anast and Gabriel Anast from No Greater Joy – Safeguarding Your Children

Editor’s note: Well, this starts off good, with Michael using the example of the family dog having sex to explain the basics of reproduction to his kids. We did the same thing here when our parrots started merrily mating in front of our kids. Then it takes a hard right turn into Jerkville with the shaming of Rebekah from trying to explain it to a cousin followed by her claims that child pornography is legal and freely available and other disgusting lies about society in general. Interestingly enough she, like her dear Daddy, seems to be relishing the thought of people being tortured by their angry Old Testament God. “Breaking their teeth” is a new threat I’d not heard during my years in Fundytown. The usual insult is praying God heaps burning coals on your head. 

Warning for all the shaming blaming and wishing torture on anyone not only engaging in the Pearl World type of righteous sex.


Knowing Good and Evil—from God’s Perspective of Good

Our parents also made sure we understood the difference between righteous sexuality and evil sexuality. There was a clear distinction in our minds. When we were very small, Dad candidly explained that God created all beings, male and female, for pleasure and reproduction. God created sex to be pure and holy between one man and one woman, who would eventually be Mommy and Daddy to a whole passel of kids. There wasn’t supposed to be any confusion or shame in that relationship. It was intended by God to be whole, functional, and happy.

When our dogs were mating, Dad called us outside to see what they were doing, then told us to go back inside and give them some privacy. Inside, at the kitchen table, he sat down with some paper and a pen and drew a picture for us of sperm swimming up a canal to an egg. He gave us a thorough, practical explanation of reproduction. We were 8, 6, 4, and 2 years old.

I was so excited about the miracle of the whole process, that when my cousin came over later in the day (she was 9 years old), I got out Dad’s diagram and tried to tell her what he had told us. Fortunately, I couldn’t remember the exact names of parts, and went to ask Mom. She hastily took the paper from me and said that it was up to my cousin’s parents to tell her all that stuff, and that I wasn’t supposed to talk about it outside the family. Later on Dad explained to me with more detail that the facts of life is a subject that just isn’t discussed in public, even though it isn’t shameful. I didn’t understand fully, but took his word for it.

Our parents gave us a happy understanding of marriage by letting us see them hug, kiss, and enjoy each other’s company. They never gave us the specifics of sex, but often assured us that marriage was great and God had someone wonderful in store for each of us if we stayed pure and walked in righteousness until it was time to get married. This great example, contrasted with occasional glimpses of the ugliness of sin, and made it easy for me to make up my mind to wait for the best.

Many parents write us saying that they are trying to protect their children’s innocence. They don’t want them to know about the evil in the world. I understand their concern. It is a sad thing that we live in a world where evil has such free reign, where child porn is a legal and accepted part of society. It is sickening. I hope the Lord returns for us soon and breaks the teeth of the ungodly before He casts them into the lake of fire, where they will be in torment for eternity. But the truth is, children are going to come across the reality of our corrupt society one way or another. They will either hear it from a twisted pervert, another clueless kid who is making poor guesses and choices, Hollywood, a book, the Internet, or… from you. Which source do you want them to get it from first? Dad made sure he was the first to tell us life’s secrets; he made sure his information was the most thorough and complete; and he made sure we knew everything from the standpoint of good, rather than evil.

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