Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Booklet 1 – Science Portion – How Eyes Work

Examining ATI Wisdom Booklets: Booklet 1 – Science Portion – How Eyes Work July 18, 2016

WhenCowsKidsCollideby Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids Collide

Editor’s note: We all know that Mel is smart, educated and very analytical so it seems she is possibly the best choice as a science teacher to break down what the ATI Wisdom Booklets have wrong. Particularly in light of the fact that many Quiverfull families use the booklets as the only homeschool curriculum to teach their children. All images from Mel’s blog.

Due to the size of the posting and the many images this post is broken into pages. Please click Continue to go to the next page.

Thanks to Homeschoolers Anonymous, 54 of the ATI Wisdom Booklets have been posted online.

In each Wisdom Booklet, there are two science-related sections.  The first section “Science” covers “Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Physics, Mathematics” while the “Health” section covers “Health, Nutrition, Behavior, Counseling”

I’ve read through the first 15 or so and was surprised how haphazard the information in the booklets are and how poorly designed the lessons are.

I’m just going to jump into the Science section of the first booklet.  The first part is a quick overview of the material in the booklet.


Right off the bat, the lesson starts by teaching an oversimplified lesson.  Yes, newborn babies do have much experience using their eyes, but their vision is as limited by the immaturity of the areas of the brain that manage vision.  Since the booklet wants us to “train our minds to see things others overlook”, I’d like to add that I see a picture of a baby who is at least 7 months old and can see much better than a newborn.  At this point, I figured the lesson was on how eye muscles work to give vision; turns out that’s NOT the lesson.

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