Josh Duggar Unrepentant and That Grifting Duggar Family

Josh Duggar Unrepentant and That Grifting Duggar Family July 15, 2016

newsby Suzanne Titkemeyer

In a bid to be seen in the media and somehow stay in the minds of America it’s been one of those weeks where the Duggar publicity machine has gone into overdrive.

July 12 every year the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A gives away free food to anyone that shows up dressed like a cow. Whenever there is a freebie food promotion that will score both free grub and publicity for the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family you know that you can count on seeing gummy-smiled, glazed-eyed and vacuous-looking Duggar populated photos everywhere online the next day. Does not matter if the food is doughnuts, fried chicken or fro-yo. I cynically remarked for a few friends on 7-11 Free Slurpee day that we were soon to see Duggar freebie greed in action the next day. I wonder why we never see them actively participating in Slurpee day? Do they not have 7/11s in that part of Arkansas.

Wasn’t there a member of the Royal Family that was nicknamed for her love of freebies? Freebies Fergie, Sarah Ferguson, the wife of Prince Andrew, wasn’t it? The British public seriously mocked her for her grabby ways. When will the American public realize that taking that number of kids to a doughnut shop dressed like pirates to get a dozen free doughnuts at least slightly tacky and exploitative?

One thing that this year’s crop of Duggar freeloading photos exposed was a new wrinkle, a strange development, the return of disgraced son Josh Duggar. He was standing in the middle of those chicken-scamming family dressed in laziest ways possible as cows publicity photos cheekily grinning like a used car salesman, ooops, I mean con man, err, guy with his hand down the cookie jar.

As soon as those photos surfaced it was a simple matter of time before the family would try to insert him right back into the family business. The photos were the first shot fired in an attempt to try exploit Josh’s situation and crimes for ratings gold. It didn’t take long. Swifter than a Rick Wiles calling Pokemon Go ‘demonic’, less than 24 hours later, one of those ‘unnamed Duggar insiders’ floated the idea in various online media that the new season of the new Duggar television show ‘Counting On’ would be featuring Josh too. He would be pompously spouting that ‘the devil made me do it’, solidly refusing to take even the slightest personal responsibility for actions from inappropriately touching his sisters in childhood, having affairs and having two Ashley Madison accounts. The devil made him do it. Did he watch the old Flip Wilson television show during rehab and decide to craft his alibi out of the joke punch line?

The internet roared out it’s disgust most of Thursday and lo and hark just this very morning the official Duggar family personal press outlet and rumor debunker People magazine posted an article declaring that no, Josh will not be appearing anywhere near the new season of TLC’s ‘Counting On’.

So what’s going on here?

Here’s what seems likely. How many times now have we seen something that seems like a very bad idea, like Josh joining the show, or Jim Bob and Michelle returning to television or fundraising for the Dillards ‘mission trip’ or *insert so many other things* proposed or rumored about, only to have the general public express their utter dismay before the Duggars announcing in the press that it was a rumor or lie and it being dropped? It’s happened with more frequency as their original show was canceled in the light of their coverup of Josh’s crimes.

It seems likely that the Duggars themselves might be behind the releases, that they are doing this in order to gauge the public’s reaction, a sort of floating a trial balloon. They want to return Josh to the family business, but do not want to risk raising the public’s anger with the family. It’s likely it is another manipulation of the media and general public cum marketing testing by a family that have shown they are not above grifting at every opportunity.

Of course, I could be very wrong and seeing conspiracy theories out of nothing, like tin-foil hat wearing pastor Rick Wiles over online games.  Anything is possible. Maybe I am just wearing a tin foil hat.

I will give the Duggars some small credit. They managed to post a strangely appropriate statement for once comment in light of last night’s Bastille Day tragedy in Nice, France.

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If you came here tonight looking for my review of the second half of Chapter 8 of Vaughn Ohlman’s book on betrothal ‘What are you Doing?’ it will be up tomorrow evening. I was felled this week by a rather nasty and severe reaction to a routine Shingles vaccination. Nearly 4 days up in the bed. After recovering enough to write I felt discussion of this took on a greater importance over Von’s book. Sorry about that. Von is playin


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