Quoting Quiverfull: Homeschool Your Children Even if You Aren’t Educated?

Quoting Quiverfull: Homeschool Your Children Even if You Aren’t Educated? July 25, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church – 3 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children This Year

Editor’s note: Notice this is one part government paranoia and one part your kids will rebel. Fear mongering at its finest straight from Steven Anderson. Oh noes, your child might actually encounter people who are different than those in your tiny group and that will lead to chaos, sin and rebellion! You’d think if they were truly teaching the children a solid foundation at home that those things would not even be on their radar. But again he makes it about the gays. For someone that shouts out how not gay he is Mr. Anderson seems to spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about homosexuality.

Avoid Government Brainwashing

Here’s a start: Don’t let some teacher tell your child that there is no God, being a homo is normal, and that the environment and animals are more important than human life. These days, the teacher might even be a Sodomite. Anti-god world views are especially dangerous for very young children who may not even understand salvation yet, but liberal, humanistic views can still have a negative impact on older children who have a solid foundation.

Minimize Bad Influences

Minimizing bad influences is probably the single most important reason to homeschool. Even if you live in the Bible belt where some of the teachers are Baptists or your children are in an exclusive private school, they are still going to school with a wide variety of students. Even as adults we are susceptible to peer pressure, and most kids just don’t take a strong enough stand in a school setting. If you have any rules at all, your children will begin to believe you are nuts since most of the other parents are so permissive in comparison. In junior high and high school, especially, kids will likely be exposed to pornography, drugs, and the advances of other students. Before you know it, your teenager might think he or she is in love with an unbeliever and completely rebel.

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