Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Questioning the Pearls

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Questioning the Pearls July 1, 2016

quotingquiverfullby Michael and Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy magazine – But I Wanted to Ask Mr. Pearl

Editor’s note: In the current edition of No Greater Joy magazine there is an article that is only emails to the Pearls and the Pearl-approved answers to their dilemmas. Per the usual questions that the Pearls received I’m not entirely convinced that the questions are real. Many times they read like something one of them made up specifically to promote or approve of some Pearl agenda. So I’m adding my warning here that this might be as fake as a stripper’s breasts (ooops! Von Ohlman is negatively influencing me with making me think about breasts!)


HOW DO WE BECOME A MINISTERING FAMILY when we live out in the woods, stay busy at home trying to live off the land and still pay bills, and rarely encounter unsaved people?

My husband and I are questioning if this is possible.

We REALLY enjoy living exactly the kind of life your article describes—goats, chickens, honeybees, blueberry plants, gardens . . . my husband is a Mr. Visionary.

But at the same time that we love it, we also feel less useful somehow because we are not a part of society anymore. We are a good thirty minutes from town, and it’s difficult to invite unsaved potential friends over to build relationships because of the drive time for them, or for us to find time to go to their home.

We fear we are becoming self-centered. My husband did missions for a few years, and I have taught girls in Sunday school. We’ve always been active in reaching out. But as we pursue this quieter life, all of that seems so hard to do now. We have no children yet but hope to become foster parents this year.

We often ask ourselves if we need to move into the city because that is where the PEOPLE are. We’re afraid to choose this life if it might be a cop-out.

So all that to say HOW DO YOU DO THIS?

Thank you in advance!
— Shana

Tomorrow morning we’ll post Michael’s answer to this woman’s questions.

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